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Do you know which technology services Brazilian students use the most? In search of answers, the education platform Partyou published a survey on the habits of Brazilian students in relation to the technological services they consume the most.

The study sought to understand the most purchased smartphone and laptop brands, preferred operating system, most used apps, favorite music and video streams, most used phone carriers and most purchased packages by this audience.

The survey, applied between July and August 2022, had responses from 1192 academics from 200 universities, public and private, present in four states (São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Paraná and Santa Catarina) and in 126 different cities. .

Along with understanding their consumer preferences, the study highlights the economic potential of this important market share for retailers, industry and brands. Check it out!

Discover the brands and technology services most used by students
According to the survey, the most used smartphone and laptop brands are Apple (with 44% of responses) and Dell and Acer (both with 24% of mentions).

Brands continue to appear in the survey: Samsung (29% of citations) and Xiaomi (14% of responses) for mobile phones, and Lenovo (15% of mentions) and Samsung (11% of citations) for laptops.

As for the operating system, 56% of respondents declared that they use Android, while 44% of them use the IOS system.

Most downloaded apps
The research also shows that the list of service applications most downloaded and used by students in the last 3 months includes: iFood, a delivery application, with 70% of mentions; e-commerce platform Shopee with 46% of responses; and the app Mercado Livre, a company that buys and sells products online, with 31% of citations. The applications Americanas (23%), Magazin Luiza – Magalu (18%) and ClickBus (13%) were also mentioned.

In terms of favorite music and video streaming by students, the platforms Spotify (with 84% of mentions) and Netflix (with 93% of responses) appear.

Other streams were also mentioned in the survey, such as: YouTube (11%) and Deezer (10%) for audio playback; and Amazon Prime Video (57%), Disney+ (42%) and HBO Max (34%) for video playback.

Telephony and plans
Finally, the study conducted by Partyou shows that in the field of telephony, the operators most used by Brazilian students are: Vivo (with 41% of responses), Tim (with 30% of quotes), Claro (with 21% of respondents) and Oi (with 5% of mentions ).

Regarding the type of package used, students stated that Prepaid, Family and Control services are the most purchased, with 33%, 31% and 22% of responses respectively.

An important share in the technological services market
In 2020, higher education in Brazil reached a figure of more than 8 million enrolled students, who annually spend more than BRL 140 billion in products and services.

“Our country consists of a large part of students, who must be considered an important public for society. We want to show the market the power and spending habits of young people, highlighting the importance of investing in this population,” says Otávio Dutra, CEO and co-founder of Partyou.

It is worth mentioning that for the research Partyou also had the support of 4 junior partner companies, university associations managed by the students themselves: Líder Jr, junior company of the Production Engineering course at the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) at the campus de Sorocaba (SP), RPJr, junior company of the public relations course at the State University of São Paulo (Unesp) at Bauru campus (SP), Eixo Público, junior company of the public administration course at the State University of Campinas ( UNICAMP) at the de Limeira campus (SP) and JMC, junior company at the course in Business Administration at the Universidade Presbyteriana Mackenzie at the Campinas Campus (SP).

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