Procon Jundiaí warns consumers about Black Friday pitfalls

Procon Jundiaí warns consumers about Black Friday pitfalls

Published on 03.11.2022. at 15:39

The traditional Black Friday should take place on November 22. However, many retailers extend promotions throughout the month and lure consumers with the magic words “discount”, “promotion”, “sale”, among others. Faced with this scenario, Procon de Jundiaí warns of a series of precautions so that the population does not fall into traps and enjoy the date in the best possible way.

According to the head of Procon Jundiaí, Valéria Tavares Alcântara, the first step is to respect the budget. “Often dates awaken in the consumer the desire to buy without a real need. That’s why it’s important to evaluate, research, properly check prices and avoid unnecessary debt,” says Valéria. “A valuable tip is to always be suspicious of sites that ask for payment via bank deposit, especially on behalf of individuals, as this practice increases the chances of fraud,” he adds.

Procon’s headquarters are located at Rua Barão de Jundiaí, 153, Centro

Consumers who feel aggrieved can seek help at Procon’s headquarters, located at Rua Barão de Jundiaí, 153, in the city center. The service is performed with an announcement agreed on the website. The service can also be performed by filling out an online form, with the same validity as in person.

See other tips to avoid falling into traps:
• When shopping online, make sure the site clearly discloses information about the supplier, such as company name, CNPJ and physical address, along with contact information. Search if this site is already on the Fundação Procon “avoid this site” list.

• Pay attention to the delivery time, which must be clearly stated on the website. Be sure to save all pages with important information, that is, those that have all the information about the offer: product description, value, payment method, delivery date. This information will be essential in case you run into problems.

• Make sure your payment amount and terms stay the same when you change pages or update the one you’re on. (For example: on the purchase confirmation summary screen, check if the shipping value only increases on the last screen or a few seconds before the confirmation).

• If you decide to pay by credit card, prefer “secure” sites (with an address starting with https:// in the address bar of your browser); generally, these pages have a padlock symbol.

• Be careful even with very favorable offers: a price that is much lower than all others on the market can be a trap. For example, if the product you are looking for has an average price of 2000 BRL, there is no way that the same item can be sold for 1000 BRL. You can buy something you will never get or buy a counterfeit or unverified product.

• When buying online or outside a commercial facility, the consumer has the right to complain within seven days, counting from the purchase or receipt of the goods. In electronic commerce (Decree 7.962/13), the consumer can exercise his right of appeal using the same tool used to conclude the contract, without prejudice to other available means.

• For purchases in physical stores, the delivery period notified by the seller must be expressly stated in the order delivered to the consumer.

• Always request an invoice.

• When buying electronic products in a physical store, check if it is possible to test the product on site. Check if the manufacturer offers a warranty for the product, which in this case must be accompanied by a Warranty Card, which must normally be filled out by the store in order to be valid. So fill it out.

• An extended warranty is optional. Often, when buying on the website, the extended warranty is already included in the price, so the consumer must pay extra attention when ordering. Often the consumer has to “click” no, when he does not want to hire. Procon Jundiaí, based on the Consumer Protection Code, does not value this form of service offer well, since we understand that the consumer’s choice to acquire this type of insurance must be expressed by the consumer, freely and actively.

• This warranty is also widely offered when purchased in physical stores. This is insurance to repair the product, in case there is a problem after the period after the legal or original warranty of the supplier. Check the conditions carefully before buying and even ask for a copy of the insurance contract so you can make an informed choice.

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