Know the importance of tools for your business

The current reality in the market is buying and selling goods or any service online. Research has shown that e-commerce will reach about 23 billion US dollars in sales in 2021 in Brazil. In addition, he predicted an increase of 126% in 2022. In Brazil, 84% of the population uses the Internet, which proves that it is a market with the potential to make good deals.

With the evolution and expansion of the Internet in the country, consumers have started to transact, sell and buy products in virtual stores in a 100% electronic way. E-commerce has given small business owners the ability to effectively market their products and services and expand their audience, with greater reach thanks to the Internet.

Brazil is among the top ten e-commerce markets in the world and one of the most connected countries. The pandemic, which has significantly expanded their operations, also contributes to this process of digitization of companies. The trend is for further growth of the sector.

Today, e-commerce is a business model with potential for various market sectors. It also acts as a sales branch and as the largest and only channel for several companies. Therefore, knowing the importance of e-commerce is relevant for assessing the company’s position in the market and creating digital strategies that can influence sales. E-commerce allows you to create differentiated sales experiences to serve each company’s target audience in a personalized way. The challenge is to integrate sales, service, payment and logistics because these four pillars are essential for a positive shopping experience.

E-commerce is a business model with potential for various market sectors (Photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

Planning the creation of an e-commerce channel is very important, from the analysis stage you will have the direction of strategy and investment to the most important points. Maintaining a solid foundation contributes to the longevity of an online business.

Have a 24/7 sales channel

While the physical store follows traditional business hours, the online store is online every day of the week, with no time limit. One of the advantages of e-commerce for the company is an active sales channel 24 hours a day. In this way, your company gives an advantage to the consumer who can research and buy according to his routine, with differentiated payment terms and access to different products.

Greater audience reach

Investing in a good logistics plan will attract more customers to your brand, no matter where you are located. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon brick-and-mortar stores (if they exist), because people trust brands that have both options more.
Therefore, the best approach is to integrate online and physical stores to provide consumers with a complete shopping experience, especially when they are afraid to buy products and services online.

Automate the sales process

Sales process automation helps manage orders so they can be shipped and tracked after the sale.
A website that loads quickly and has products with a full description, prominent price, payment options and comment space, works like a seller. In this way, when the customer accesses your virtual store, he is “well served” by all this information.

Take a deep dive into your business

Map your niche, research prices, suppliers, analyze your competitors and offer different services or products. A good selection of layouts that represent your company, simpler and more visually intuitive and cleaner models make a big difference in visualization.

Details that make the difference

When it comes to offering services or products online, security is always an issue on consumers’ minds, so maintaining discretion for the customer is always important and conveys the security of your service to the consumer.

A few tips that you should apply to keep your virtual store looking professional and excellent: “Who We Are” information, security, shipping policy, illustrative and promotional banners, quality photos and images that represent the service or product, and a prominent contact. .

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