How image search technology is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry

E-commerce has been around for over two decades and consumers have been using it since its introduction. However, things have changed significantly over time. In the old days, it was a difficult task for people to find the desired products on a particular website, let alone a search engine.

The problem was an inefficient search engine; consumers had to create the correct keywords to find the product on the e-commerce site. Otherwise, the alternative method was more demanding and time-consuming because the consumer had to search multiple pages to discover this product among the hundreds of entries listed on those pages.

With the invention of reverse image search, things changed significantly and finding the desired images on the web became more accessible. The e-commerce industry has benefited greatly from this revolutionary search method, which allows users to use an image as a query and easily see visually similar images and relevant information.

Consumers can easily find the goods they want to buy or find out the details using the image search method, making online shopping much easier for them. Of course, the end user of this whole process is the e-commerce industry. With that said, let’s dig a little deeper to help you understand the benefits of reverse photo search for this industry.

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Changes brought by image search in e-commerce

There is no doubt that image search is a great way to find multiple visually similar images versus a single image serving as a search query. However, in this write-up we have to shed some light on the topic of the revolution that photo search has brought to the e-commerce sector. So, before we discuss some of the outstanding benefits of reverse image search for e-commerce, it is essential to understand how it manages to drive visually similar search results.

The answer is computer vision, a subset of revolutionary AI (artificial intelligence) technology. It allows computers to digitize and analyze visual data into images and then produce visually similar results using automated matching and deep learning algorithms. Algorithms running in the background of any installation that offers the Search By Image function try to match patterns, locations, characters, faces and objects with already available data. Once they find a match, the search for similar patterns begins.

Now that you’ve learned how image search works, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of this search method or technology for the e-commerce industry. More details are given below:

Practical product search

As mentioned earlier, the availability of reverse image search has made it much easier to search for products online. Users don’t have to come up with relevant keywords to search for what they want. Plus, they don’t have to guess a product category to search thousands of products listed in one place. Now they can search by image to find the products they want online.

All they need to do is click on the image of their favorite product and upload it as a reference image to find a supplier that sells it online. While you might think it’s a plus for users, it’s a plus for e-commerce sellers. Users have an easy way to find your products, and if you offer competitively priced products, chances are they can easily convert.

the best shopping experience

An optimal user experience is the key to user satisfaction when talking about the web or smartphones. Likewise, if online shoppers have a good experience, they will tend to buy more products online. The availability of reverse image search helps them quickly find their desired products online. In addition, they also get the necessary information about the desired product thanks to the photo search method. The presence of a link to the landing page where the product is located makes it easier for users to find where they can buy the product. They can also see vendors that offer similar products and know about the pros and cons of different products without putting too much effort into the online research process. All of these factors increase your overall shopping experience, thereby increasing your chances of turning to the web for a later purchase.

Custom search results

In the past, when users had to resort to text-based search to find the product they wanted, things were quite challenging. Users often had to spend a lot of time finding the products they wanted to buy because text-based search could not provide accurate, personalized search results. However, this is not the case with image search. It allows users to process a custom search and get custom search results that are visually similar to the loaded search query.

Final grade

The e-commerce industry is booming today, generating gigantic revenues of trillions of dollars worldwide. While many factors have contributed to the growth of this industry, image search technology has also played a role. We discussed some details about photo search technology’s part in revolutionizing the e-commerce industry. I hope you find these details helpful.

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