Open business season for the end of the year

Jobs have already started to open

Photo: Marcello Casal Jr./Agência Brasil

Jobs have already started to open (Photo: Marcello Casal Jr./Agência Brasil)

The end of the year has arrived, and with it the opportunity for work. Trade is busy and the economy is in full swing due to Christmas and New Year’s parties.

Jobs have already started to open. According to the Brazilian Temporary Work Association, in the quarter from July to September 2022, there were about 630 thousand temporary jobs in the country. The percentage is 12% higher than in the same period in 2021. For the last quarter of the year, the figure should be higher.

Temporary work is guaranteed by law (Law No. 6.019/74 and Decree No. 10.854/2021) and specifies a limited period, with the aim of meeting the current needs of the company, as a way of supplementing the workforce or possible replacement.

In the federal district, traders are optimistic about the expansion of vacancies. Data from the National Trade Federation published on the institution’s website in October showed that employment increased by 61% compared to last year. The vacancy forecast has doubled.

According to traders, the impact is due to the flexibility of health measures, due to the control of the circulation of the coronavirus. The end of the year promises to be full of gatherings and celebrations.

How to get a temporary job

The General Register of the Employed and Unemployed – CAGED, is a record maintained by the Federal Government on dismissals and admissions based on the labor law regime.
In September of this year, 278,085 work permits were signed. The data was published by the Ministry of Labor on October 26.

Despite the favorable figure, 8.9% of the active population remains unemployed. The data is from IBGE, and takes into account the survey conducted in the third quarter of 2022, which ended in August.

To get a job in a time of high competition, you have to be careful. Vacancies are available online, in job banks, but also in physical form, in advertisements in companies and newspapers. Some tips may be useful to those who want to apply for a job vacancy in the market:

· Create a resume: having an updated resume, ready to print or email, is an alternative to present yourself effectively and quickly. After all, when an opportunity opens up, the manager wants to fill it as quickly as possible.

· Be aware of opportunities: having a network of contacts in the company or sector you want to work in is a way to find out more about a job opening. Often the company only publishes internally and relies on employee recommendations.

· LinkedIn subscription: The digital age has brought companies to networks, and LinkedIn is a social network linked to people’s professional profiles. Therefore, it has become a virtual showcase of possibilities.

· Searches for Sine: National Employment System – Sine, has posts spread across the country. They contain hundreds of job opportunities. Consultations can be done in person or online.

it goes forward

Employment on the labor market was very competitive. Some selection processes include interviews, dynamics and even practical experiments.

The candidate comes forward when he has experience in the position and knows the job. Qualification is a way of representing difference. Attending a sales consulting course can help, for example, when interviewing for a sales position.

But it is important to explain that it is not enough to master only through work. Companies are increasingly looking for experts who are aligned with business ideologies.

A company that values ​​diversity, respect and equality will be looking for professionals who abhor bullying, who have a sense of collaboration and value teamwork.

Personality and values ​​are in question and are observed. The HR website of Robert Half Talent Solutions, a company specializing in talent recruitment, outlines the profile of the most sought-after professionals by company, and the list includes: critical thinking, good communication, flexibility, cultural fit, emotional intelligence, leadership and strategic vision.

Skills that go beyond those required to perform the function, but allow you to move safely through teams.

There are vacancies on the “Invisible Market”

The idea that the electronic market is maintained without labor is a myth.
Many people believe that because they do not need to look for a seller when shopping online, there are no workers in this activity, but according to Bruna Bozano, a digital business expert, “the mechanism of e-commerce is as complex as it can be and there is a lot of work. the product reached the consumer. There are thousands of people working 24 hours a day in countless companies, preparing goods for shipment, serving customers, buying and selling, among dozens of other activities.”

E-commerce is on the rise, and the process of gaining market share has been accelerated by the pandemic.

“The Global Payments Report 2022”, which collects research on the electronic market in the world, predicts that by 2025 global e-commerce should grow by 55%.
In August 2022, the Association of Electronic Freight Payment Administrators published the article “The rise of e-commerce will heat up the logistics warehouse sector in 2022 and create new jobs”, which provides data on the physical expansion of the sector.

Requests for rental warehouses to install e-commerce increased by 384% in the period from April to June compared to 2019 before the pandemic.

When a consumer goes to a home goods website and makes a purchase or selects a computer after reading several articles trying to find the best value laptop for their use, several people are working, on a 24-hour scale, so that the product reaches the customer efficiently.

This agility in warehouses means that in a short time the consumer can already follow the path of the goods through “Correios Rastreamento”. Workers in the freight sector also benefit.

Research published in August 2022 on the website of the National Transport Confederation entitled “The labor market in transport segments is progressing in 2022”, points out that the transport sector employed 18,420 more workers in the first half of the year than in the same period in 2022. 2021.

The data is taken from Caged. Despite the fact that e-commerce has heated up the sector, data on city and road passenger transport are also included in the research.

Converting a temporarily vacant position into a permanent one

Many people dream of turning a fixed-term contract into a permanent job, and opportunities are starting to appear little by little. Either through the expansion of the sector, the expansion of the company or even the departure of an effective employee that can cause a vacancy.

Winning this space depends on merit and dedication. Recruitment experts have listed some characteristics that an employee must have in order to get an effective job:

· Show interest in the job;
· Work as if you were in a permanent employment relationship;
· Have a good relationship with colleagues;
· Be proactive;
· Present solutions to problems, without encroaching on a function that is not competent;
· Avoid confusion and conversations that can disrupt the work environment.

Following these strategies can bring a candidate closer to a job opening than he or she thinks. Despite the high demand, the job market is open and candidates with the above distinctions are more likely to get a place.

Searching for vacancies, creating networks and preparing to face challenges are attitudes that must be present in the lives of all workers, even those who are professionally positioned.

The market is dynamic and new methodologies appear every day in the professional sector.
Investing in your career and following external news and updates is the way to success.