Aramis grows 900% with VTEX solutions

The need to integrate sales channels is undeniable: the growth of more than 20% in multi-channel sales, indicated by the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (Abcomm), clearly demonstrates this. Despite this, a physical store is still sought after by 72% of consumers and influences customers’ final purchase decision, according to research conducted by Criteo. Euromonitor International, on the other hand, predicts that 76% of goods will still be purchased in physical stores by 2025. The data highlights the importance of integrating digital and physical stores to serve different types of consumers.

Reflecting on the importance of trade as a sales channel, in this integration between on and Off and in the consumer experience, Aramis turned to VTEX, a digital commerce platform for large companies and retailers, as a partner in the transformation of the sales process. This change occurred through the implementation of omnichannel solutions and the digitalization of physical stores, through Indev by VTEX.

Since 2019, Aramis has grown by 900%, and in 2020/2021. doubled. Growth forecast for 2021/2022. is 40%, and investment in integration between channels on and Off should be part of the brand’s progress.

Related physical stores

Digitization of processes in physical stores enabled the mapping of the conversion rates of each store, as well as the analysis of team performance indicators and customer requests for improving the management of points of sale. “Indeva by VTEX is a robust solution that collects various sales information in a simple and intuitive way,” explains Leonardo Santos, Head of Physical Stores at VTEX.

“With the software, salespeople can track their individual performance across all sales channels, and leaders and managers can have a broad overview of what’s happening in their stores. It’s also possible to compare information between stores to assess what can be improved in each for sales increase”.

The technology enables individual and personalized goals for each employee, and it is possible to propose a “gamified” dynamic to engage and encourage sales teams. Another feature of Indeve by VTEX is “queue list” scanning, a function that allows sellers to indicate whether they are at work, on lunch or free. This is done through an application installed on a tablet located in the store, for the exclusive use of the sales team.

It is also possible to record the details of a sale or service, even if it does not result in a conversion, and integrate the solution into the store’s checkout and e-commerce system, as was done with Aramis, allowing a macro view of sales and the reasons that led to lost opportunities.

WhatsApp and multi-channel

In addition to the digitization of physical stores, Aramis had the support of VTEX to implement omnichannel and expand its channels. Today, half of the company’s digital sales are generated through in-store pickup and drop-off strategies.

Aramis has 100 stores and 11% of total sales come via e-commerce. “Physical retail is important and will continue to be, but today all commerce is to some extent digital. We understand the urgency of looking for the best to integrate these two worlds,” says Edgar do Carmo, head of digital business at Aramis.

Digitization processes also require a cultural transformation within the company to engage stakeholders and make room for the opportunities these changes bring. VTEX’s support with solutions and monitoring of this process was crucial for our growth and development,” comments do Carmo.

To develop the digital store of fashion retailers, one of the actions taken was the implementation of Whatsapp as a sales channel to improve the customer experience. During the pandemic, the tool represented more than 50% of sales, and currently that number is around 40%. With inventory integrated into physical stores and sales information linked by VTEX to Indev, using the app improves the connection between consumers and retailers.

Multi-channel operation of the store, added to the expansion of sales channels, resulted in a growth of e-commerce sales of 900% in just two years. And today, Aramis has an integrated and optimized process in its physical stores, with Indev by VTEX, and in its digital sales, to serve consumers according to their wishes.

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