TV and the Internet share information seeking and engagement

They are led by Google and YouTube (31%), open TV (29%) and social media (18%)
tendency to seek information

The media invites the public to the World Cup in Qatar. Rede Globo will be in charge of broadcasting 64 matches, of which 56 will be live. The others will repeat themselves. With around 500 professionals, the broadcast promises more than 160 hours on TV Globo, sub We are together for the Cup, and 300 hours on SporTV. The Portuguese team, featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, was the subject of one of the eight films in the campaign which started in August.

On Globoplay, subscribers will be able to watch one match a day, narrated by Tiago Leifert and commented by Fernanda Colombo, Lisco coach and performance analyst Tomaz Freitas. While journalist Ana Thais makes her commentary debut, Galvão Bueno says goodbye to the World Cup on TV Globo.

The narrator will make his last appearance in Qatar, in the company of Júnior and five-time champion Roque Júnior. After that, he will move to Play9, a content studio founded by YouTuber Felipe Neto and digital entrepreneur João Pedro Paes Leme, according to an interview with PROPMARK in April.

Rodrygo in the Veste a Garra campaign created by Nike, which launched the team’s official kit in August (Reveal)

Narrators Renato Silveira, on TV Globo, and Natália Lara, on SporTV, give another blow. In the virtual studio, they will have live footage of Doha as a backdrop during the 28 days of the tournament. Cup Centerwith Alex Escobar, Lucas Gutierres, Jojo Todynho and former players Fredo and Aloísio Chulapa, complements the program that also includes Doha is this, under the direction of Marcel Adnet. The comedian will express people’s opinion about the World Cup. Lucas Gutierrez will show the temperature of the fans in Qatar.

Luiza magazine, sponsor of the Copa broadcast on Rede Globo, takes over the promotion designed by Ogilvy to promote TV sales. Exchange everything in Magal encourages Brazilians to replace used appliances with new ones.

The communication, which explores the substitution gesture typical of football, complements the sponsorship package of the tournament broadcast made exclusively by the Globo system – open TV and Sportv, with content broadcast on ge and Globoplay – taken over by Magala.

Arena Adidas Cufa Heliópolis welcomes street soccer players to the tournament A journey (Detection)

Ambev, BRF, Claro, Itaú and Pixbet are also among the sponsors of Globo’s broadcast. Even Lek Trek, the icon of Sadia, was invited. The BRF brand symbol appeared dressed in hopscotch in vignettes of the Brazilian team’s friendly matches in September, on the Globo and SporTV networks, commanding the preliminaries of a strategy that foresees unfolding on TV and digital. Covered in Africa, actions are exploring a new signature Your day is looking for Sadiaadjusted His fans are looking for Sadia the champion during the Cup.

Screaming behind the TV
The Internet is rushing into the arms of the crowd. More than 500,000 conversations on the topic were confirmed in June, up 59% from May, according to insights platform Stilingue. Adidas and Nike were the most talked about sports. Germany, is the first official sponsor of the cup since 1970. It launched Al Rihla, the official ball of the games, on March 30, and Adidas Cufa Heliopolis Arena the final of the tournament A journey.

The winning trio of women and men from the stages of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Salvador, Goiânia and Manaus faced off on October 15 for the most anticipated prize: an all-expenses-paid passport to Qatar. Al Rihla’s journey through street football in Brazil is featured in the channel’s web series dedicated. The project was developed and implemented by EA Agency.

Narrator Galvão Bueno presents There Together for the Cup, Globo’s World Cup slogan (Reveal)

On August 7, the North American launched the uniforms used by the players in their quest for a sixth championship with the CBF. A tribute to the jaguar, collection Brazilian Claw inspired the campaign carry a clawstarring goalkeeper Alisson Becker and players Richarlison, Rodrygo, Philipe Coutinho, Marquinhos, Matheus Cunha and Adriana Silva.

There is also sprinter Paulo André, former player Ronaldo Nazário (R9), rapper Djonga, funk singer MC Hariel, streamers Gaules and Babi Loud, judoka Rafaela Silva, figure skater Leticia Bufoni and dancer Jonathan Santos. Raphael Martins, head of the Meninos Bons de Bola collective; Endrick, Palmeiras player; and host Fred, from Desimpedidos, also make a special appearance.

The trio of MCs Nina, Febem and Sodomite pack the dirt they played in the campaign created by Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo. Nike is a partner of the national teams of Brazil, England, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, the United States, Australia, Canada, Croatia, South Korea, Poland, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Cristiano Ronaldo in a TV Globo movie (Discovery)

eye on the offer
A report organized by adtech Zygon estimates 2.8 billion online impressions in the World Cup period, confirming the trend in digital content consumption. The research takes into account data from the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (Abcomm). It is expected that the sector will achieve a turnover of around R$ 165 billion by the end of the year. Hope to win and connection move the thermometer that measures brand interaction.

Of the Brazilians who will attend the World Cup, 65% are already involved in the tournament as of June, when Google concluded its Pulse of the Cup study. Social networks gained eight percentage points compared to the readership from June to May. Google and YouTube (31%), open TV (29%) and social media (18%) lead the way in information searches.

But trust still rests on traditional media, driven by word of mouth (91%), sponsorship (87%), newspaper ads (85%), TV (85%) and radio (84%), Nielsen confirms. In Terra research, another certainty. Of the percentage who will watch the matches (77%), TV (51%) leads the way, followed by the Internet (36%).

Bruno Gonçalves and Felippe Reis, from Cenas Lamentáveis ​​​​​​(Disclosure)

Searching for information also has TV (36%) as the main source. Followed by news sites (28%), social media (23%), YouTube (9%) and influencers (4%). Sad scenes (42%), Gloves (26%), That day was crazy (17%) and Casimiro (13%) are among the top mentions of respondents who follow influencers from the world of football (55%).

lost in the field
The battle for goals on the pitch gives way to the battle for the media audience. But according to Nielsen, it won’t be easy to hold attention. The group of 56% not interested in activations related to the Cup does not care about advertisements. Unattractive formats (22%), pieces that disrupt the experience (16%) and brands that do not connect (13%) are the main obstacles.

CBF reminds that football and global sports compete with the main entertainment alternatives. Data and content must drive sports real estate communication strategies, track consumption preferences to establish true relationships, capable of surprising fans. Technology applied to the live experience is cited by CBF as one of the possibilities.

Lek Trek, icon of Sadia, in vignettes created by Africa (Discovery)

“This is the most complex Copa project we’ve ever put together because of its atypical characteristics,” admits Julio Tortorello, head of monetization at Terra, which will take over the channel. Sad scenes to Qatar to cover the World Cup. “Custom deliveries will be on social media, mobile first, exploring the ease of social media, which is to cheer up,” details Tortorello.

With 20% of the audience interested in sports, Terra estimates the production of more than 100 video content, in addition to tournament coverage. For advertisers, mediatech adds a geolocation strategy for activations in bars and restaurants, which must be packed on match days, which take place at 1pm and 4pm. Among the requirements are interaction with content and unification of the strategy of the Cup and Black Friday, which allows work on sports and electronics.

terabolists and conversation mine are among the highlights of Terra’s live content. Lance, Gazeta Esportiva, Estadão, Reuters, OneFootball, Perform (Minuto by Minuto + Table), SportLife and Goal are the partners that will promote shoot-on-goal goals for the next World Cup in Canada, the United States and Mexico in 2026.

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