The expansion of the IT market encourages the search for qualified specialists

The lack of specialists promotes courses aligned with the requirements of the field

PUCRS has IT courses for students who want to stand out on the market / Photo: Bruno Todescinhi

The information technology market is growing. By 2024, Brazil will need approximately 420,000 professionals in the field, according to a study by the Brazilian Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies (Brasscom). However, according to the study, the country annually trains only 46,000 professionals trained to work in this niche.

Growth, which was already accelerated, had boom during the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies had to reinvent themselves, which affected a wide variety of sectors, such as health, security, education and culture. And it didn’t stop there: these changes also affected the dynamics of supply and consumption. New e-commerce platforms have emerged and, as a result, the demand for trained professionals to develop and manage these spaces has intensified.

Creating this scenario made up of qualified, agile, flexible and critical experts is one of the goals of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). Today, the institution has market-leading courses and updated curricula in the fields of computer science, computer engineering, data science and artificial intelligence, software engineering, and information systems.

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– JKPRS offers all possible subsidies to students. The university does not train students to work on some technology, but to apply all their knowledge in all the technologies that currently exist and will come in the future, in order to progress and stand out on the labor market – comments the bachelor’s degree coordinator. of software engineering, Ana Paula Terra Bacelo.

Rafaela Albuquerque, a student in the 3rd semester of the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence course at Escola Politécnica, emphasizes that the high level of specialization of the professors and their extensive market experience contribute to students having access to the academic world and industry, at the same time.

– The technology market is full of possibilities. You enter graduate studies and in the first semesters, incredible opportunities appear, with excellent compensation and a guarantee of a lot of market experience – says Rafaela, who joined PUCRS through the Gladys Project, a scholarship program for students in socio-economic situations.

How to choose between IT courses

The field of information technology is broad and very important for the most diverse markets. Professionals in this segment must have specific, technical and practical knowledge, along with knowledge of teamwork and the ability to calmly manage stressful situations. Each field of activity is different and has its own peculiarities.

– The IT market is large and diverse. At PUCRS, we try to cover all the main niche areas in order to offer students different opportunities – explains the assistant dean of the Polytechnic School of PUCRS, Marcelo Yamaguti.

In computer science, for example, students learn everything from how to solve complex problems to how to develop games. The main profile of the course is aimed at beginners who enjoy programming and automation, preparing them to work in various positions in the software industry.

For those interested in designing and building computer systems that integrate hardware and software, the Computer Engineering course is the most suitable. The teaching of this degree focuses on building digital systems, helping students to consider the economic, financial and management aspects associated with new initiatives in their performance.

In Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, the first face-to-face course in the field in southern Brazil, undergraduates are qualified to analyze and interpret large amounts of data and generate new information that has value to meet the needs of companies and people. In this training, students have consistent and broad learning, based on an unprecedented curriculum prepared by qualified experts.

gladys project

Student Rafaela Albuquerque joined the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence course through the Gladys Project / Photo: Jonathan Heckler

– What is most amazing about that field is that I am already stepping through it, due to the large number of possibilities in the technological environment. I am currently an intern at machine learning in the Software Innovation Laboratory (LIS), in the PUCRS, and I really enjoy researching and working in that sector – highlights Rafaela.

Another pioneering course in the Porto Alegre region is software engineering, developed from the context of the regional and national software industry. During graduation, students have contact with the basics of computing and in-depth knowledge for creating software for mobile applications, mesh or working surface.

Participants who want to prepare to face the challenges of the technological field can also choose the Information Systems course. The training prepares experts specialized in identifying IT solutions aligned with the company’s business processes.

Advantages of studying at PUCRS

– The Polytechnic, which houses the University’s IT majors, has updated the curricula in accordance with the requirements and discussions with the market. It also has a qualified teaching staff with professors who work in the research field and in the labor market, sharing rich experiences with students. We also have a good infrastructure of facilities and laboratories at a high level, which allows students to develop their skills in practical activities – adds Ana Paula.

In addition to specific Polytechnic courses, the University has several opportunities for students in the IT field. The PUCRS Park of Science and Technology (Tecnopuc), for example, is an ecosystem of innovation, entrepreneurship and development, connecting students with organizations in different fields, bringing classroom learning closer to market reality.

This ecosystem provides opportunities for scholarships, internships and jobs in companies in the Park. The proximity of the organizations also encourages constant updating of the courses to meet the real demands of the market.

Some of the corporations that have a partnership with Escola Politécnica are HP Inc. and Dell – big names in the IT field. Apart from these, there are also several initiatives with other companies, such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Motorola, Eldorado, ThoughtWorks, DB, Globo and Sicredi, which provide different experiences and many training opportunities in RD&I (Research, Development and Innovation) in the field YOUR.

With the G-PG program, undergraduate students can also think about the future through continuing education. In this modality, students have the opportunity to start a master’s degree while still on their bachelor’s degree, with the goal of completing it earlier. In addition, there is the possibility of attending other courses on the line and graduate Lato sensuthrough several specializations with international excellence.

Additional opportunities for students are academic mobility, which enables attending part of the studies at recognized foreign institutions, and flexible training, in which the student has the opportunity to adapt up to 24 credits to subjects and projects of personal interest. You can choose from complementary certifications, impact research, volunteering and cultural activities. You can also try more than one degree until you find the one you identify with the most.

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