How to prepare for the best promotions?

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Black Friday is coming and Brazilian e-commerce is already ready. The date is predicted to move 8.3 million online orders, according to the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm).

All of this movement should exceed R$6.05 billion in November 25 sales. Compared to 2021, the amount has increased by only 3.5% – a modest increase due to high inflation and the consequent rise in commodity prices in general.

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Speaking of more expensive products, you should be careful and know how to prepare for Black Friday 2022. There may be unique opportunities to buy the desired sandal, dream TV or new mobile phone, but there may also be some pitfalls.

Get ready for November 25

Every last Friday in November, world trade celebrates Black Friday. The date is a sales promotion with differentiated discounts, which originated in the United States, but has been adopted by many countries, including Brazil.

Black Friday has already surpassed Christmas as a consumer event and is now the biggest on the planet. Also according to ABComm, 71% of Brazilians intend to spend on this date, and the most targeted categories are clothes, shoes, household appliances, mobile phones, books and office supplies.

Prepare yourself

You need to organize yourself so that you don’t get lost in front of so many websites that offer discounts.

– Familiarize yourself with finances and set a spending limit

Analyzing finances and knowing card limits, spending limits and how much of your income can be devoted to shopping on Black Friday is key. After all, it doesn’t make sense to guarantee new products and take on debt later.

– Make a list as needed

There are many things you want to buy and others you need more of. Make a list of items from most to least important. This makes it easier for you to stay focused.

On Black Friday, start looking for the best products on your list. While shopping, monitor whether the costs are within your financial planning.

– Compare prices

On the list you made according to importance, write the website and value of each product next to each product, a few days before November 25th. That way, on Black Friday, you’ll be able to more easily compare how much the prices have dropped – and whether the discount is really worth it.

– Anticipate Christmas and summer shopping

If the deals are good, take the opportunity and save on your Christmas shopping. Pass on family gifts and, who knows, even summer 2023 acquisitions.

Folha Vitória’s golden advice

Now you can use apps that compare prices and track adjustments in the values ​​of the products you want.

These apps collect data from the price history of goods and even send a notification to your mobile phone when the product drops in value.

Are they:

– Buscapé

– Zooming

– Select Safe

Apps are available for Android and iOS.


Despite offering so many opportunities to buy the product you want, Black Friday can present some pitfalls. Here’s how to escape them all.

– Make sure websites are reliable

This is the first step. Never heard of the site? It is very likely that you will have to get out of it. And, if you don’t have a lot of practice with online shopping, rather choose names and addresses that are better known in the market.

In Reclame Aqui, it is possible to search for reviews of stores and other addresses to look for references and avoid major problems.

– Read product reviews and ratings

Some sites leave a space below the product to evaluate the goods or even about the delivery and relationship with the store. Please check before you click the “Buy” button.

Also try to read the Instagram profile of the seller’s website, analyze if there are complaints about lack of delivery, delay or other problems that you can avoid.

– Be careful with very low prices

Excessive discounts can be a sign of fraud – either they are running out of stock or the site is losing money.

Promotions can also be a move by the store to deceive the customer. The full price increases, and with the discount the updated value ends up similar to the average price of the same item on the market.

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