How to show that my e-commerce is not a scam on Black Friday

Many digital entrepreneurs worry about not being a Black Friday scam. And there is a reason for this concern: in 2021, Offer Friday recorded more than 119 thousand fraud attempts. In terms of revenue, the avoided loss was around R$ 125.8 million — 79% more than in the same period of the previous year.

It’s a lot, isn’t it? Well, that’s why it’s important to invest in strategies to prove that your e-commerce business is trustworthy. Besides ensuring more sales with security measures, the company also protects itself from malicious people, you know?

Here are just a few tips to show the customer that your e-commerce is not a scam.

Take care of your digital reputation

It has become a habit among consumers to research online in the process of making a purchase decision in order to find out if a brand really exists and deserves trust. The data found in this search forms the brand’s digital reputation.

In other words, reputation is how the consumer perceives the company. Therefore, image care is essential to convey credibility and gain consumer trust.

In fact, one of the ways to ensure a good reputation in the market is through the quality service offered by Reclame AQUI. In this context, the position of brands on the platform can recover the dissatisfied customer and convince the undecided.

In fact, it has another cool tool to improve a company’s image and instill more confidence on Black Friday: the Verified RA seal. The certificate is issued by Reclame AQUI after an audit of the service channels, assessment of the financial condition and reputation of the brand.

In practice, this means that companies with the stamp are real, do business regularly and provide good service on the platform. So the solution is very cool to give more credibility to e-commerce.

Make room for e-commerce reviews

You see: reviews act as social proof. This is because they are reports from real consumers about the experience they had with the product, service or brand. By reading these testimonials, potential customers evaluate whether or not it is worth consuming that brand.

That’s why it’s crucial to have a review tool to show the customer that your e-commerce store is not a scam. But a word of caution: reviews must be true to convey trust, understand? That’s where the RA Trustvox true review seal comes in.

RA Trustvox is an independent review platform that collects, revises and publishes genuine and verified reviews. As an interesting point, the retailer does not have the autonomy to edit customer testimonials, nor include fake reviews just to inflate the brand’s profile.

Therefore, having a Certificate of Authenticity from RA Trustvox is an indication that all published reviews are written by consumers who have actually had experience with the subject of the review.

Invest in data security

Security certificates ensure that personal information entered on a website – such as contact information, social security number and credit card number – cannot be accessed by third parties. Presenting these credentials is therefore key to conveying trust to the consumer.

Remember usability

Clean design, simple, intuitive navigation, fast page loading, mobile compatibility and so on. All of this contributes to more pleasant consumer experiences in e-commerce.

Besides, it gives a more professional face to the company, you know? So, pages with good usability have more credibility.

Optimize the billing process

Complicated checkout is one of the main reasons for cart abandonment. But that’s not all: if the consumer doesn’t feel safe putting their information on the final page, they will abandon the purchase.

So don’t forget to include security certificates and trust seals on your checkout page to avoid abandonment. Another cool tip is to invest in no-login checkout to streamline the process. It’s even worth including a progress bar so the customer has a better idea of ​​the steps they need to complete to complete their order.

In short: Black Friday is here, and in order to win sales, you need to show the consumer that your e-commerce store is not a scam. In this context, the emphasis is on taking care of digital reputation and reviews in e-commerce. After all, both solutions display actual consumer reports about the experience they had with the brand. The good news is that these testimonials can influence other customers to buy from your e-commerce store.

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