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MG COLUMN – October 25
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Bidding in Muriaé on the Internet

In order to promote transparency in public administration, the municipality of Muriaé has started broadcasting live bidding sessions over the Internet. The first transferred activity was the face-to-face trading session number 110.2022, which was about “time clock maintenance”. A representative of one of the companies participating in the event, Amanda Xavier, praised the initiative. Online streaming is very important because the competition is transparent. Those interested can access the images in real time and check if everything is taking place legally,” he pointed out. Initially, the broadcasts take place via the Facebook page of the Muriaé City Hall. (Gazeta de Muriaé)

Digital trade mobilizes Ubá hub

The e-commerce boom has reached the Ubá furniture hub (in Zona da Mata) and promises to be one of the main topics to be discussed at the furniture fair to be held next January. The Intermunicipal Union of the Ubá Furniture Industry (Intersind) has already started preparations for the meeting that will be held again after a three-year suspension. According to the president of Intersindo, Aureo Calçado Barbosa, the goal of the fair is to facilitate the creation of business between furniture manufacturers in the furniture industry in the region and retailers from all over Brazil, while presenting new releases and trends. (Diário do Comércio – Belo Horizonte)

Polio vaccination extended

The polio vaccination campaign has been extended until October 31 in Uberlandia. The decision is part of intensified strategies to expand the scope of immunization against the poliovirus, which has, among its consequences, polio. Due to the low vaccination rate, the virus can circulate in the country again. The goal of the Ministry of Health is to reach at least 95% of the target audience consisting of children from 1 to 5 years old, even those who have an updated vaccination card. The municipality has already vaccinated 83.39%. Vaccination is the only way to protect against polio. In the municipal health network, doses are available free of charge in 74 vaccination centers. (Uberlândia diary – Uberlândia)

The law mandates the publication of the list of patients

A municipal law has entered into force that obliges the publication of the list of patients waiting for consultations with specialist doctors, examinations and operations in the public health network of Poços de Caldas. The aim is to give more transparency to the waiting list so that the patient can predict when he will be called. The bill, authored by Councilor Kleber Silva (Novo), was approved by the City Council, approved by Mayor Sérgio Azevedo and the sanction was published in the Official Gazette of the Municipality. (Poços Com – Poços de Caldas)

Ducks will not have transportation on the 30th

The Federal Supreme Court freed municipalities to provide free transportation to the population in the second round of elections. There is concern about the increase in the number of abstentions. In Patos de Minas, however, Mayor Luís Eduardo Falcão informed that public transport will not be free. The Mayor said that the Municipality has a tight budget in the second half of the year, and that there is no money to pay for public transport tickets. Only seniors over 65 and people with disabilities, who are already entitled to free transportation, will be able to use transportation on Election Day without paying. (Sponsor diary – Sponsorship)

Solidarity threads take action

The extension of the “Threads of Solidarity – Wig Bank” project of the Federal University of Ouro Preto ends this year’s Pink October with a direct action of cutting hair and donating hair and wigs at the UFOP Arts and Convention Center, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Celebrating nine years of the project, there will be a visual exhibition with members of the UFOP Graphic Projects Nucleus, presenting the graphic art concepts of Fios de Solidariedade. In addition to cutting and collecting hair and donating wigs to the Região dos Inconfidentes community, there will be activities to raise awareness, welcome the community in prevention and care during cancer treatment, presentations, entertainment and assistance. (About liberals – Ouro Preto)

The price of gasoline remains stable

Gasoline prices at Brazilian stations have risen in recent weeks, according to a recent survey by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP). Only last week the increase was 0.4%. A series of price hikes breaks price stability that began with a tax cut at the end of June, resulting in a drop in refinery prices. Contrary to research, gasoline prices in Divinópolis remain stable for more than 30 days. According to the research, the average price of regular fuel sold in the city is R$ 4.65 – the lowest established price was R$ 4.59, and the highest was R$ 4.74. Let’s remember that the difference between the points of sale was cents. (Jornal Agora – Divinópolis)

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