CNA president says HUB Digital has an ‘open door’ for agribusiness innovation

CNA president says HUB Digital has an ‘open door’ for agribusiness innovation

The space was opened on Tuesday (25); five challenges were launched for technology companies to find solutions for rural producers

October 25, 2022

From CNA

From the CNA Institute

Brasilia (25.10.2022)

– Speaking at the inauguration of the CNA Digital HUB, the president of the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil, João Martins, said that the space “symbolizes a much wider network and is fully dedicated to innovation in agriculture”.

On Tuesday (25th), CNA through its Institute inaugurated the CNA Digital HUB and released a public notice with five challenges for technology companies to find solutions that help rural producers across the country.

Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa), Marcos Montes, President of the Brazilian Service for the Support of Micro and Small Businesses (Sebrae), Carlos Melles, President of Embrapa, Celso Moretti and President of the CNA Institute, Roberto Brant.

At the beginning of his speech, João Martins emphasized that the speed and dynamism with which technologies are reaching the countryside “make us think about what rural properties will be like in the coming years” and more than that, “what skills and knowledge will be required of the farmers of the future “.

João Martins, President of CNA

He mentioned that the fourth revolution in agriculture, globally known as agro 4.0, represents an important challenge “to train rural producers and expand technologies for the process of digitalization of property.”

In his speech, João Martins stated that CNA, Senar and Institute System have been working with rural producers from all regions of Brazil for more than 70 years, offering services to be more efficient in the production of food, fiber and renewable energy. And to improve management with a consequent increase in the profitability of their activities.

“Today, another important step is being taken in this direction with the inauguration of HUB CNA Digital. This space symbolizes a much wider network entirely dedicated to innovation in agriculture,” he said.

João Martins said that “in this environment we will discuss physically and remotely with other centers, universities, research institutes, public and private, national and international thinkers and organizations, about the main technological challenges of rural producers”.

“We want to identify startups and technology companies ready to present their solutions. Another important mission of HUB CNA Digital will be to encourage the adoption of technologies by small and medium-sized manufacturers,” he said.

Discovering the CNA Digital HUB board

The CNA president said he emphasized that “technological solutions designed and developed here will be available in an affordable way and adapted to different Brazilian realities using Senaro’s network for technical and management assistance.”

João Martins ended his speech by saying that from now on “HUB CNA Digital is open to everyone who wants to contribute to this cause”.

Minister of Agriculture Marcos Montes emphasized the importance of the System’s initiative to launch a public advertisement with challenges to meet the needs of the sector. “I congratulate CNA, which will write history in the country, for the good it has done mainly for small producers”.

Minister of Agriculture Marcos Montes

According to the president of the CNA Institute, Robert Brant, the CNA initiative to “convene the Brazilian intelligence service, organize this intelligence service and give it the necessary incentives” will give a new meaning to Brazilian agriculture.

“This invitation from the Brazilian intelligence service will dedicate this new phase of immateriality and innovation in Brazilian agriculture, which could be widely recognized in the future”.

Roberto Brant, president of the CNA Institute

Celso Moretti stated that the digital hub once again demonstrates the capacity for innovation in Brazilian agriculture. “This is a model that starts from the manufacturer, goes through solution validation and returns to the manufacturer. It is a model that will work and continue to generate results for Brazilian agriculture”.

Celso Moretti, President of Embrapa

Carlos Melles, President of Sebraa, stated that Brazilian agriculture is modern and that the inauguration of the Hub shows that innovation can only be achieved through knowledge and science. “This is the way and this initiative is wonderful, Sebrae is together, congratulations CNA. ”

Carlos Melles, president of Sebraa

CNA Challenge –

The unprecedented initiative of the CNA/Senar system will last 12 months and aims to promote field digitization by solving the specific problems of rural producers with five challenges: 1 – Connectivity, 2 – Parametric assurance, 3 – Animal traceability, 4 – Credit of Carbon and 5- Electronic the market.

CNA will finance the development of the solution with an investment of R$ 750 thousand, with an average ticket of up to R$ 150 thousand for the five companies that will be selected in the first round.

In addition to the physical structure of the HUB, the selected companies will have access to a series of activities such as an education program for team development (Steps to Agro), the possibility of visiting fairs and events in the sector, contact with agro experts and access to the market.

Each challenge will have a mentor who will provide companies with clarifications and information about the sector. The challenge of animal traceability will be held by the president of the Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of the State of Minas Gerais (Faemg) and livestock farmer, Antônio Pitangui de Salvo.

In Rural Connection it will be the president of the National Commission for Irrigation CNA, David Schmidt. The director of the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), Miguel Ivan Lacerda de Oliveira, will mentor the Parametric Insurance challenge.

The e-commerce challenge will have rural producer Osvaldo Martins de Barros Filho as a mentor, and the Carbon Credit challenge will have Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV Agro) research coordinator Daniel Barcelos Vargas.

The event was also attended by the presidents of the Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of Bahia (Faeb), Humberto Miranda, Paraíba (Faepa-PB), Mário Borba, Amazonas (Faea), Muni Lourenço, Espírito Santo (Faes), Júlio da Silva Rocha Jr., from Goiása (Faaeg), Mário Scheirener, from Rio Grande do Sul (Farsul), Gedeão Pereira, from Santa Catarina (Faesc), José Zeferino Pedroso, Executive Secretary of ICNA, Monika Bergamaschi, Director – General of the National Learning Service (Senar) .

For more information on the selection schedule, rules for participation and how to submit proposals for challenges, access the public notice:

CNA Communications Consultant

Phone: (61) 2109-1419

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