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The new digital age advancing with the metaverse offers unprecedented opportunities for the powerful e-commerce sector

Stalin Silva*

The growing expressiveness of the e-commerce sector on the market is an undeniable fact. Since the invention of the Internet, e-commerce has evolved to provide customers with the fastest and most convenient online shopping experience. From the moment companies started shipping the product next day or even the same day of purchase, e-commerce began to take off in the global economy. Now, with the arrival of the metaverse, the expectation of a new revolution in this segment is on the agenda.

A metaverse can be defined as a simulated digital environment that uses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and blockchain, along with social media concepts, to create a space of rich interaction between users, in a virtual representation of reality. The idea is to create a virtual immersion environment, where digital experiences are closer to the real world. Metaverse is emerging with the potential to bridge the gap between e-commerce and in-person shopping experiences. And the fact is that countless companies are already starting to build a digital presence in this new space.

New virtual stores

One of the main advantages of the arrival of the metaverse in the e-commerce sector is the possibility of a three-dimensional experience in virtual stores. The experience proposed by traditional electronic commerce is limited to the use of two-dimensional interfaces, which limits consumer interaction to browsing web pages in the form of a virtual store. In the metaverse, it is possible to literally walk into a virtual store and experience the products even before purchasing – all using digital augmented and virtual reality devices, without leaving home.

As these emerging technologies develop, they will continue to reshape the way we think about e-commerce. The evolution of click and buy to try and buy promises to offer valuable benefits for businesses. This will allow metaverse shoppers to walk into stores, view product displays and shop as they normally would, all from the comfort of their own home. It is a unique combination of the comprehensive nature of a physical store and the simplicity of online shopping.

A promising future for e-commerce

The growth of e-commerce in the metaverse can be understood as a certainty for the coming years. It seems that this sector will benefit significantly in the metaverse, as the new virtual environment will enable a stronger relationship between companies and the consumer public. The three-dimensional experience should give companies new possibilities for personalization, greater involvement in the brand, and thus the growth of this segment’s income.

As new technologies begin to be discovered, new features also enable online and offline commerce to merge, going beyond the multi-channel concept. From this perspective, there is no doubt that the metaverse has the ability to improve and revolutionize current e-commerce practices and provide a unique experience to users.

In conclusion, the metaverse could be a game-changer in the history of e-commerce, completely revolutionizing the operating model, customer experience, sales and profitability of e-commerce companies. The key will be how brands adapt to new technologies to create innovative experiences for their customers in the future.

*Stallin Silva is the CEO of Stoom, the company with the highest level of personalization of the e-commerce experience. Master of Computer Science at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp).

About Stoom

Founded on the expertise of three Unicamp alumni, Stoom stands out in the e-commerce market with its 100% customizable platform. It acts as a true technology and innovation partner, specializing in the development and implementation of customized solutions for e-commerce. Located in the high-tech center of Campinas, it has been on the market since 2014 and currently serves around 20 major companies, such as Petz, Tenda Atacado, Starrett and Sportbay (Grupo Pro Tork). See more: https://stoom.com.br/.

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