The end of the era of third-party cookies contributes to more effective and niche digital marketing campaigns

Marcos Souzadirector of publisher development at Awin Brasil

The growth of e-commerce has brought progress in digital marketing strategies and, consequently, in programming initiatives in partnership with a wide variety of collaborators and influencers. In view of this scenario, the existence of third-party cookies that consumers accepted, without much questioning, and installed on their computers played a fundamental role. They enabled companies to track views and clicks on the pages of advertisers and influencers, allowing them to measure the effectiveness of actions, that is, which generated more engagement or purchases.

The end of the era of third-party cookies marks the beginning of a new phase in the evolution of digital marketing and, more precisely, affiliate marketing – a niche that is only growing thanks to the fact that it helps advertisers choose between a universe of alternatives. the most appropriate affiliate and influencer profiles to reach your target audience, even when they belong to very specific niches.

The use of cookies was very valid in mapping the consumption path and evaluating the results, but it also represented an invasion of consumer privacy, which required the termination of their use. As a result, advertisers now rely only on first-party cookies, which record clicks on their websites or apps. Other options are investing in stand-alone tags, installed in your electronic addresses, or server-to-server applications, which allow maintaining the flow of information, ensuring user privacy.

The moment of transition requires investments in IT, cyber security and privacy. E-commerce companies should update their tracking systems to ensure continuity of connection with the Awin platform, which mediates affiliate partnerships. In case of server to server a more robust update is needed, but it is currently a bet for the future as it guarantees direct communication without interference from other applications and has proven to be very effective even for future browser updates planned in the coming years.

However, companies have no alternative, they can no longer rely on third-party cookies and are already choosing. Awin, for example, already counts more than 97% of its advertisers, regardless of size, using to mark autonomous and most of these affiliated companies are in the process of implementing server technology in their partner programs. But the truth is that it took a little longer for Brazilian companies to become aware, as they are now in a race to comply with the new rules of the market. Additionally, affiliate marketing platforms have teams ready to streamline the process and help advertisers through the transition.

We see a growing trend of demand for e-commerce in affiliate platform solutions, which specialize in helping with various possible strategies and which, with the use of autonomous tags, as well as in server-to-server solutions, can gain insight into the customer’s purchase journey, providing different insights. After all, this vision gives these platforms the ability to understand the role of each associate in the buying journey. In other words, these tools allow you to calculate the return on investment (ROI) with greater precision, which is essential to know the effectiveness and profitability of each action. That is, with the support of these tools, advertisers can check the competitiveness of their products and evaluate the work of affiliates in order to optimize their marketing plans, making them more and more assertive.

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