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E-commerce sales are set to break records, but brick-and-mortar stores still account for more than 80% of sales in that period. The expert indicates the activities that should be developed this year

Black Friday, considered one of the main dates for global retail, is also consolidated as the biggest annual sales movement in Brazil. Research conducted in 2022 shows that 71% of Brazilians intend to use the date, which will take place on November 25, to make purchases at the end of the year, even anticipating Christmas gifts. The projections of the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (ABComm) are also very optimistic and suggest this national e-commerce should achieve more than R$ 6 billion this year. Physical stores also follow this rhythm, but with a challenge: to offer consumers experiences worth visiting.

According to entrepreneur, mentor and author of the book “The Store That Sells”, Dino Guen, faced with practicality and price competitiveness e-commerce, physical stores should be convenient, attractive, welcoming, with the provision of highly advisory services. “Otherwise, they will be at a disadvantage with online stores. For this, retailers will need new strategies, always starting from a bold and well-structured goal of increasing revenue and inventory coverage, as this is what will guide all Black Friday campaign actions,” emphasizes Dino.

The specialist from Santa Catarina, who worked as a marketing strategist for large retailers, helped sell more than R$ 4 billion in Brazilian retail in the last 20 years, acting including Black Friday campaigns in 820 stores, emphasizes that highly influential and persuasive communication is one of the key points for a date. “Advertising should be invested in proportion to the challenge, after all, this is a period full of advertisements and competition for consumer attention. In addition, it is crucial to align sales channels so that everyone speaks the same language, from physical to virtual windows, from store design to social media, and to prepare the team to be aligned as well. That way, salespeople will have a clear understanding of the goals and objectives and will be able to deliver what was promised in the communication,” he advises.

Pitfalls that must be avoided

For Dino, who is from Xaximo (SC) and, after working in São Paulo in the 3rd largest retail group in Brazil, now lives in Florianópolis, there are some pitfalls to avoid during this year’s campaigns. The main thing is, under no circumstances, to exaggerate promises to the consumer, to promote something that will not be fulfilled. “At the beginning of Black Friday in Brazil, there were a lot of exaggerated promises that, as a result, were not fulfilled. This created a certain discredit on the date, even the term ‘black fraud’ became common. However, the consumer is very well informed, researches and knows what he wants and does not buy without prior comparison”, he recalls.

Apart from this pitfall, the entrepreneur with more than 400 retail companies mentored on his resume advises retailers to carefully evaluate inventory coverage in proportion to the target period, but also to buy to promote the lure of the Black Friday campaign, and not just work with old stock. “Many retailers still insist on working only with old stock, which is not attractive and will not bring the desired flow, and in the end they do not buy to advertise or increase the offer in the store, which would increase their sales volume”, he adds. In addition, it is important to estimate the size of the team, after all, sellers have a service limit, so they adjust their teams, even if they are in freelancer, during the Black and Christmas period.

Another pitfall, he says, is to put all of the displayed products – or stock – on sale on Black Friday. “There are many items that, even the old ones, can still be sold at good margins and have not turned due to poor exposure or because sellers have not assimilated them well (and no one sells what they sell) don’t buy first), no because of the price. That is, reducing the prices of these products on Black Friday will not guarantee a sale. The right thing to do is to choose the most attractive products to apply more aggressive discounts for ads, window displays and promotional points, which work as stronger baits, with a list of store discounts; in others, to keep the margin and work as additional items for these customers”, he points out.

Black Friday should be enjoyed by all niches

Even as part of the annual retail calendar, Black Friday is still met with resistance from entrepreneurs who fear negative effects or a disconnect with their brand positioning. An example is segments that have a longer shopping journey, that is, the period between consumer interest and the actual final purchase, such as opticians or finishing construction shops. But even those segments can benefit from action, just have the right strategy. “For example, I have already coordinated Black Friday for the soy industry and it was successful. The company was able to grow more than 200% year-over-year, anticipating orders that would go to competitors,” he says.

Opportunity for growth and increased income

The strategies taught by the businessman and mentor Dino Gueno to the merchants of Santa Catarina can be expanded at the Rede Milionária event that will take place in person at the Hotel Majestic in Florianópolis between November 3 and 5.

The event is suitable for retail entrepreneurs who have the challenge of increasing revenue and resulting in a scenario of high competition but also opportunity. “It is a milestone in the revenue of the participating chain stores. In the immersion, they recharge their batteries through inspiration, knowledge, networking and motivation, in order to return to their companies with much more knowledge and strategy for a million dollar bill”, he points out.

Registration for the Rede Milionária Ao Vivo event in Florianópolis is limited to 150 merchants and is now open. Access and learn more or write to what’s up: (11) 93286-4462

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