Logistics centers strengthen the economy of the RS metropolitan region

In Rio Grande do Sul, 88% of all goods are transported by road, according to the latest available data from 2017, published by the state government. The figure is higher than the national average, which was 65% in the same year. Rio Grande do Sul has more than 11,400 kilometers of state highways and 5,700 kilometers of federal roads, for a total of 17,100, according to the Autonomous Department of Highways (Daer).

There is an important logistics center concentrated in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, where several business distribution centers are located. The area is the most populated in the country, the origin and destination of products and services of the most diverse types. Every day, thousands of trucks pass through highways that cross different cities, accessing several notorious distribution centers (DCs).

Some examples are notorious in the Metropolitan Region. Fast Shop and UnidaSul are based in Estei. Fruki is in Canoas. In Nova Santa Rita there are Nestlé and Amazon CDs. Magazine Luiza and Americanas, Droga Raia and Lebes are set in Gravataí. Mercado Livre, another online e-commerce giant, did the opposite in 2020: it announced, due to state regulatory reasons, that it stopped installing CDs in Gravataí as well.

In Nova Santa Rita itself, logistics is one of the main economic drivers, representing about 50% of the municipal GDP, according to data from the Department of Municipal Administration. Currently, the city has the second highest GDP per capita in the Metropolitan Region, only behind the capital. The three large dedicated companies, 3SB Parque Logístico, ReiterLog and Condomínio Logístico Açorianos, are among the biggest sources of tax collection and job creation in the municipality, as explained by Mayor Rodrigo Battistella, also president of the Association of Municipalities in the Metropolitan Region. Porto Alegre (Granpal).

“Today, we have four logistics methods here: waterway, road, air and rail. Nova Santa Rita is practically one of the few cities in the country that has the characteristic of having them all,” he says, praising the proximity of Salgado Filho International Airport, in the capital, the rivers Sinos, Caí and Jacuí, the railway line to the Triunfo petrochemical complex and the BRs -116, 386 and 448. “These are fast highways that connect us very quickly with the consumer market of 4 million inhabitants”.

For him, it is necessary to create a favorable economic environment, public and legal security favorable for the establishment of these companies. “We have courses for the workforce, mainly in the field of logistics, to make the residents of the municipality competitive and able to enter the vacancies that we have here in the city. Some of them arise within the company’s own operations. By doing this, a cycle of economic development is created for the city,” he points out, also highlighting the recent achievement of the diamond seal, which Sebrae handed over to the Chamber of Entrepreneurs, affiliated with the municipal Department of Industry, Trade and Development. .

Nova Santa Rita is considered the main logistics center of ReiterLog, whose main business is located next to the Velopark parking lot, along the BR-386, and is investing more than R$150 million in the municipality, according to the city hall. “It is a very important strategic point for us. There is an excellent flow connecting the capital and the countryside. And, in fact, we were able to capture the workforce of the municipality and several surrounding towns,” comments ReiterLog’s commercial and ESG manager, Vanessa Pilz.

Truck driver Carlos Teixeira works for a small transport company in Porto Alegre and comes to one of the city’s logistics centers every day to unload materials collected in the capital. “I think it is very good and well organized here. Access to the city is very easy. No wonder several of these projects are set up here,” he said as he waited in the distribution center parking lot to do another job.

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