Let these elections end quickly so that we can breathe

I can’t take it anymore. I’m exhausted, tired, I’m running out of patience… And I believe that you too must be counting the days and hours until next Sunday. I’m talking about the elections, first of all, the fight for the most important position in Brazil. A country of extraordinary wealth, equally commensurate with challenges. There are endless conversations, condemnations, fake news, cuts and clips. accusations. aggression. And suggestions? And what is really important for the population, either for those who produce, build, plant, harvest, or for those who take three buses to work or who need help to simply eat. It is frustrating to see that the fight for the next four years in Brazil has become, in social networks, discussions and debates, an opportunity to destroy honor and morality, rather than to discuss ideas, solutions and proposals.

bad practice

With globalization and the development of information technologies, there has been an unquestionable movement to expand the market and increase consumption in this digital world. To protect this age of electronic commerce, new rules have been created, notably the Industrial Property Act and the Internet Civil Rights Framework. The goal is to protect users by making rules that favor fair market disputes and censor illegitimate practices to gain an advantage. For this reason, the STJ understood that the use of third parties’ registered trademarks, such as keywords in sponsored links, in addition to the undisputed deviation of customers, characterizes unfair competition. “Using a competitor’s brand as a keyword to direct consumers of a product or service to a competitor’s link is usurping. attorney Gabriela Harmes. However, unfair practice leads to the process of diluting the brand in the market, which loses its prominent position and its advertising function is hampered by reduced visibility. “The current understanding is that a sponsorship system that gives priority to research results is legal, but must respect certain parameters, because the absence of keyword restrictions in advertising actions can cause intellectual property conflicts, which is prevented by national legislation,” adds lawyer Camila Carlström.


A very special kiss to Eduardo Lemos, Solange Leno, Alberto Gueiros, Amaury Ribeiro Filho, Suzana Leal, Teresa Pinheiro, Eugenilda Coimbra, Zusa Miranda, Valéria Carvalho, André Godoy, Fernando Aguiar and dear Ralph de Carvalho, from Rádio Jornal. Bless the rain.


Brazil is the third country in the world that consumes podcasts the most, with more than 34 million listeners, according to research by the website CupomValido.com.br with data from Statista and IBOPE. With fans eager for content, due to the convenience of being able to listen in any situation. Interviews with guests are the preferred format for 55% of Brazilians. Podcasts cover topics at all levels. Favorite topics include marketing, management, business, career, entrepreneurship, sales, technology and innovation.

After giving birth

Obstetrical physiotherapists Joana Nunes, Luiza Bortolozzo and Mariana Carvalheira warn of the importance of postpartum rehabilitation for muscle recovery, in addition to preventing diastasis. Restructuring in the first 24 hours after birth with specific techniques for now.

skin care

RioMar Recife is promoting the Week of Beauty and Wellness until the 29th. During this period, with a purchase over R$ 80, the customer receives a travel pillow.

All white

Raphaela Santos, better known as “A Favorita”, Pega White’s attraction, in the Classic hall, December 16. All “all”.


Unprecedented in Brazil, Christmas decorations in Shopping Recife will bring the universe of Harry Potter. The news began to be compiled from Friday and will bring together classic scenarios from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Dr. Leila Gonzaga is giving a lecture on longevity today at 8 a.m. in TCE. It is part of the celebration of the Day of Civil Servants.
Patrícia Guedes manages the 2nd Literary Festival in Pernambuco, in Rio Mar, from the 4th to the 6th, with names from national and international literature.
Fernando Morais starts supporting Casa Clima air conditioning projects.
Founded in Recife and in more than 170 clinics throughout the country, Neurobots received an innovation award from the “G20 Digital Innovation Network”. The company develops solutions aimed at the motor rehabilitation of people who have suffered a stroke.
The second edition of Recife Coffee starts on 5. There are 26 coffee shops. Each coffee will be paired with a sweet, for R$24.90.
Assistant Inspector for Special Courts, Karina Aragão has already inspected more than 50 units in eight months at her post.

Daniel Cavalcanti, Renata Paraíso, Manoela Pires and Diego Villar circled in the Almar environment signed by Poligonus in partnership with Moura Dubeux. Artist Daniel Cavalcanti signs an exclusive and special canvas for the space. – GLEYSON RAMOS/REVELATION

Patrick Barbosa and Helena Almeida, from the “People who are proud of the Northeast” Award, honored Lúcio Alcântara (President of the Ceará Academy of Literature) with international praise. – PERSONAL ARCHIVE

Rodrigo da Fonte with George Trigueira_HospitalMed Disclosure – DISCLOSURE

Laienne [email protected] – DISCLOSURE
Gleyson Ramos / DISCOVERY

Danilo and Mariano Andrade Lima, from Reserva Serra Negra, with the mayor of Bezerros, Lucielle Laurentino, at an event to promote the point that has won the sympathy of tourists and Pernambuco and has become a center of art, gastronomy and leisure. – Gleyson Ramos / DISCOVERY

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