GoDaddy’s WordPress eCommerce hosting prepares your online store for the holiday shopping season

With Black Friday and the holidays approaching, this moment can be a great opportunity to fulfill your dream of opening your online store. with GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY)a company that prepares entrepreneurs for the world of digital business, the task of creating and managing your online store can be easier, with WordPress eCommerce Hosting, integrated solutions allow you to build a custom online store, with all products and services ready for billing.

WordPress is one of the largest platforms used to create websites. It is a robust content management system with numerous plugins, themes and customization tools. With the growth of e-commerce, the WooCommerce plugin has become the main way to create online stores within WordPress. More than 5 million online stores today run the WooCommerce engine, according to WordPress.

GoDaddy has an integrated solution to facilitate this process. By choosing the WordPress eCommerce Hosting solution, the entrepreneur gets hosting, a domain name and the ability to develop a fully integrated online store, including the necessary elements to start a business, ready for sale. The WordPress eCommerce hosting plan combines the power and flexibility of WordPress with the added value of dozens of premium WooCommerce extensions included, including a wide range of payment, marketing and shipping options. With premium SEO and security features built in, WordPress eCommerce Hosting comes with the tools you need to quickly build a custom online store.

In addition to providing hosting servers configured for high-performance WordPress sites, ensuring 99.9% uptime, the solution provides server-level security against DDoS attacks, updated versions of WordPress and plugins, as well as checking for possible malicious code and backups. to help make websites more secure.

There are thousands of extensions available to extend the functionality of WooCommerce online stores, some free, some paid. The WordPress eCommerce hosting plan offers a rich set of 75 free premium extensions to help grow your online business. The WooCommerce plugin offers essential features for managing an online store such as payment methods, product pages, inventory control, statistics and more.

With WooCommerce integrated with WordPress, business owners can easily sell products or services online, with training, subscriptions and more. Also, WooCommerce can scale with the growth of your online store, as business needs change, there is the possibility to add more functionality or services to the store, without the need to switch to another platform.

Mandala Portal is a small business that has successfully used a WooCommerce online store hosted and maintained by GoDaddy. Created in 2021 by artist and businesswoman from Santa Catarina, Priscylla Guesser, it is an example of how a tool can satisfy different segments and expectations. “Portal da Mandala is a project I have had for some time and the site has consolidated this dream,” said Priscylla. “The site was built with the full support of the GoDaddy team, on time, with great care.”

The entrepreneur also sells her products through social networks, but her online store on her website is responsible for 70% of her income. “I am structuring the company to expand my sales, including international. Portal da Mandala is an authentic project that aims to unite art and self-knowledge through mandalas,” said the artist from Florianópolis. “I want to show the world, through my creations, that mandalas can be tools for personal development. And GoDaddy’s online solutions have helped me a lot in this goal,” she added.

Hosting WordPress eCommerce Hosting has some additional advantages: ?

WordPress management platform: The managed WordPress platform is constantly updated with the latest patches and security features, making it easy to manage your website.

free CDN: Comes with a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) that speeds up the delivery of your website content to visitors around the world.

Premium support: GoDaddy offers excellent customer support via online chat, WhatsApp and phone for faster resolution of questions or eventualities.

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