E-commerce invoices amount to BRL 73 billion in the first half of the year, and growth expectations are positive

In the last two years, e-commerce has shown significant growth, mainly due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic. With more control of the situation, it was expected that there would be a slowdown in the sector. But even with the reopening of traditional stores, e-commerce is still on the rise. According to data from the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (Abcomm), in the first half of 2022 a turnover of R$ 73.5 billion was recorded, which represents a growth of 5%. compared to the same period in 2021.

This movement shows that consumers are willing to continue shopping online and that this behavior has already become a habit. According to a survey by PayPal, the online payments company, one in four Brazilians intends to continue shopping online. Also according to the survey, 97.3% admit to enjoying the experience and 98% they say that they even prefer this model to the conventional one because it is more practical.

Precisely because of these changes, companies are adapting their sales strategies, focusing on consumer needs. THE , a Brazilian technology developer with a 46-year history, is an example: in the desire to bring consumers even closer to its accredited partners, the company has developed two platforms to improve the experience of purchasing and contracting online services. One of them is the Loja Intelbras – Compra Fácil application for the end consumer and acts as a mirror of the digital store, which allows searching for offers directly from the company’s authorized resellers. The second is the Easy Purchase application for Intelbras partners, which will enable partner resellers across the country to receive orders from the digital store to serve the end consumer.

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These resources come to create more business opportunities for Intelbras accredited partners and simplify the day to day for the public, who can buy the company’s products and still engage the installation or just request a quote for the service, all in one place, guaranteeing quality service and service, by an authorized reseller.

Expectations of the sector

Expectations for e-commerce between now and the end of the year are positive, with a projection of 91.5 billion BRL in sales, according to Abcomm, which should generate a value equivalent to R$165 billion per year (above the total recorded in 2021, which was R$150.8 billion). Therefore, companies that have good tax planning and good cost control strategies will be able to stand out in this second half of the year, for which big events such as Black Friday and the World Cup are expected.

About Intelbras

A publicly listed Brazilian company (INTB3) with 46 years on the market, it has become a reference throughout Brazil in the security, communication and energy segments and is present in about 98% of the municipalities with the potential of electronic consumption in the country through its distributors and resellers. Intelbras has innovation in its DNA and technological solutions that protect, connect, connect and transform people’s lives. The portfolio includes high-tech and artificial intelligence solutions that enable various applications in companies, apartments, residences, agribusiness, cities, among other business segments.

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The company has several units distributed throughout the country: the main office in São José/SC, with three branches located in the municipalities of Santa Rita do Sapucaí (MG), Manaus (AM) and Jaboatão dos Guararapes (PE). We also have a branch under construction in Tubarão/SC. WITH more than 5 thousand employeesIntelbras exports to several Latin American countries and has been among the best companies to work for in Brazil for 18 years.

*Article by Alexandre Garcia, Channel Manager and Intelbras Digital Store Manager.

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