76% of internet users want to shop on Black Friday

According to a new study by Ecglobal, a company belonging to the Stefanini Group’s Haus Ecosystem, 76% of Brazilian consumers intend to make a purchase during Black Friday. For e-commerce, the figure is encouraging because the percentage last year was 65%, which opens up the possibility of increasing sales.

With just over a month to go until Good Friday deals, retailers and shoppers are already gearing up for the date. According to a survey by the Reclame Aqui Institute published in September, 46.4% of companies have already started preparations. The other side is no different. Of those interviewed by Ecglobal, 36% said they started researching products and following values ​​more than 30 days before. Another 22% apply 16 to 30 days in advance.

The analysis also shows that many consumers see high shipping costs, as well as fraudulent offers, as a deterrent to purchasing; therefore they use survey sites. To this end, 57% use search engines for research and 45% use brand domains. Another 51% check on cost comparison sites. When choosing, the main factors are low price, profitability, quality and delivery.

Another means of purchase introduced during the pandemic and growing is live commerce, which grew from 8% to 15% between the 2021 and 2022 surveys.

Electronics maintain favoritism

On the list of favorites are personal electronics: household appliances (53%), household appliances in general (48%), such as refrigerators and stoves, and home electronics (47%). In order, the most cited items are mobile phones, televisions, electronics and household appliances. When it comes to gifts for loved ones, there is a tie between clothing, personal electronics and beauty products and perfumery, all at 32%.

The FIFA World Cup also entered respondents’ budgets and should help move the market even further. Along with formal wear and shirts mentioned by 48%, accessories (47%) and decorations (44%) must be purchased.

There is also a range of 42% of people who intend to use Black Friday to buy products of exceptional need, which are used in the daily life of the family, which gives a parameter of how the economic crisis affects the power of consumption and Brazilian purchases.

Black Friday is also an opportunity for brands that were replaced by others during the crisis to return to the consumer basket, who is ready to take advantage of the offer and return to the consumption of brands of their own choice.

For Ecglobal, the survey results are very positive for brands, as purchase intent numbers and items for different sectors have increased compared to 2021. This is a good time to win back customers and keep them, the company recommends.

favorite shops

When it comes to Black Friday, the first brands that come to mind for a thousand respondents are Americanas, Samsung, Magalu, Casas Bahia and Amazon. Together, the five merchants collected more than 600 votes, half of which went to Lojas Americanas. In addition, 70% of respondents pointed out that they should buy products from brands they already bought, and 35% should get what they already want.

Another interesting thing is that Americanas is also in first place for places to shop, followed by Magalu, Amazon, Mercado Livre and Shopee. Among men, Amazon, Fastshop, Mercado Livre and Ponto are the most cited. Women, on the other hand, are looking at Americana, Shopee and Shein offers.

Another survey, conducted by Conversion, already indicated a preference for foreign stores, with Argentina’s Mercado Livre (13.8% of total visits), China’s Shopee (10.1%) and the national branch of North America’s Amazon (6.8) leading the market. %).

Together, they generated around 700 million unique visits in August, slightly more than 30% of total e-commerce traffic. In addition, among the ten most accessible e-commerce platforms in Brazil today, five are from outside: in addition to Mercado Livre, Shopee and Amazon, the list includes China’s AliExpress (6th place) and South Korea’s Samsung (10th). .

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