The e-commerce market continues to grow and is a niche to be explored, according to reports

Today we do not know that e-commerce has become more and more important. NielsenIQ Ebit, as a leader in retail and consumer measurement, is committed to providing the best tools and information to our business partners and customers. For that, she performs webshoppersthe most authoritative study on Brazilian e-commerce and the main reference for professionals in the segment, showing the development of e-commerce every day and indicating its next steps.

Webshoppers is available in 3 versions:

  • free version: general version of the report with the main e-commerce trends in 2020 and 2021;
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E-commerce scenario before and after the pandemic

The pandemic did not prevent the development of e-commerce, on the contrary. In this scenario, growth in 2021, driven by the first half, was 27%, total sales of HRK 182.7 billion.

These data show the strength of this sales channel, according to e-commerce specialist Edmilson Maleski, who says that e-commerce has taken over national retail, as it accounted for only 5% of retail sales in the country, and today it is already 15%.

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The number of e-commerce customers has also increased, from 87 million. The specialist, who is also the product owner of, says: ”Without access to physical stores, consumers had to resort to e-commerce to shop. This indicates that the population is increasingly digitized”.

means of purchase

In the last 6 months, the number of customers in supermarket and pharmacy delivery apps has increased. Below is some information:

  • 35% bought a supermarket;
  • 37% bought a pharmacy;
  • 69% bought ready-made food online.

This increase is mainly the result of users finding it convenient to shop through this medium. Furthermore, special prices and free delivery were also motivatingand 53% of users were able to avoid shipping costs when making a purchase.

Shopping on mobile is better than shopping on desktop computers

With the increase in the number of users shopping online, the number of mobile devices (mobile phones) has also increased, intensifying their presence in e-commerce in 2021. For the first time, they surpassed desktop computers. all in all, accounted for 59% of all orders, an increase of 24% compared to 2020, with around 239.6 million orders. This resulted in more than BRL 95 billion, i.e. an increase of 32% compared to 2020 revenues, which shows that internet access is mobile and increasingly available.

already average mapa performance indicator representing the average value of each customer’s sales, increased by 6% in 2021 (R$398 million) compared to 2020 (R$377 million).

Looking at this data, Edmilson admits: ”one of the points that keep a customer from buying through e-commerce is the fear of fraud, but the average ticket higher than that of repeat customers shows a small part of this drop in caution huh? In other words, they really believe that e-commerce is a safe channel”.

Main categories

Among all product categories, food and beverages stood out the most, with a significant growth of 107%. Others that had growth compared to the previous year are: babies and co, IT, construction and tools. According to Edmilson, when observed, they show a complete connection with the moment of limitation in the moment and with the greatest needs of the consumer.

Regions to explore in Brazil

Most important for GMV

Among the regions of Brazil, The Southeast is the most important for Brazilian GMV, contributing 58% to the country’s e-commerce growth. Between 2020 and 2021, it grew by 21%.

Less important for GMV

On the other hand, the northern region is the least important for this indicator. However, it had the highest growth among all regions, with the telephony category contributing 25% of its gains. With her, the South region had a large representation.

Some data from the northern region:

  • 31% increase in GMV;
  • 24% increase in orders;
  • 6% increase in the average ticket.

Specialist Maleski points out that, although sales are dominated by the Southeast region, it is important to pay more attention to regions such as the South and the North, as they have great growth potential.

E-commerce platforms are being upgraded to the new scenario in 2022

With the growth of e-commerce already visible here, it is clear that this is not only a trend today, but also adapted to the market and different types of consumersenabling unique convenience for all.

As a result, platforms are forced to update themselves to keep up. An example of that is wap.storewhich has evolved to embrace business and wants to continue growing online.

To expand your online store, discover the platform!

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