PDF and Fiema represent Alumar’s e-commerce tool for suppliers in Maranha

The meeting brought together people interested in selling to multinational companies

The Supplier Development Program (PDF) of the Maranhao Industry Federation (Fiema) held on Tuesday (19), in partnership with Consórcio Alumar, a business meeting where the AlcoaBuy platform, aimed at purchasing products, materials, tools and equipment, was presented to supply companies in to the state. In two presentation sessions, in the morning, tools were updated for entrepreneurs who have already accessed the platform.

In the afternoon, they were received by those interested in order to continue their supply through this digital environment called AlcoaBuy. All suppliers interested in participating in the sales platform have received special training on the system to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of the tool.

The coordinator of PDF Maranhão, Carlos Jorge Taborda, notes that the industry is already installed in the digital age 4.0, transforming commercial and business relations, and Alcoa, as a global company, has already adapted to this reality. “Now we have to make it easier for our local suppliers to adapt to this new era, so that they stick to the platform as much as possible, given the supply potential that we have in the country,” says Carlos Jorge.

According to Tamiris de Paula, buyer for Alumar, the tool increases the competitiveness of suppliers in the region and also makes the job easier for the buyer. “We want to increase this partnership and have the opportunity to bring in new players who will have a great opportunity to increase sales,” says customer Alumara.

According to Tamiris, in 2022 alone, Alumar spent R$104 million from suppliers in Maranha through AlcoaBuy. “Our consumption is high and tends to grow, which represents a true expansion of the market through increasing partnerships through the platform,” he assures.

For the main partner of Companhia dos Parafusos, Jarbas Pinheiro Borges, being on the platform increases the chances of offering various products. “I had no difficulty handling the tool and it made it easier for us to offer, which was previously only a contract. Now through the catalogs you can display all the products you work with”.

“I think this meeting held by PDF is very positive, which opens the horizon of possibilities to participate in this Alumar platform, which accelerates the processes of purchases, orders and closing times, especially urgent purchases and purchases of materials. consumption, which represents a reduction in bureaucracy,” says Adriano Sousa, sales engineer at LG Bombas e Válvulas.

The owner of Botons da Ilha, Didier Correia, said he saw only benefits in the meeting promoted by PDF. “This is an opportunity to increase the radius of reach and customers we have, and Alcoa, as a large customer, becomes more available at this meeting. Therefore, I see the possibility of talking directly with the customer and offering our products in a more convenient way through AlcoaBuy”.

PDF Maranhão coordinator, Carlos Jorge Taborda talks to suppliers present at Casa da Indústria (Fiema/Discovery)

AlcoaBuy, how it works – Carlos Jorge explains that the platform is a place for online shopping where the applicant, an Alumar employee, accesses the product he needs. There he will find catalogs of those who sell a particular product with all the specifications he needs.

“The user will identify who is the supplier with the best proposal of price, quality, delivery time, without the need to open the procurement process through inventory. Which in the end gives greater freedom of action to the applicant, who can get the product faster,” says the PDF-MA coordinator.

The system allows the supplier to register all his materials and products on a digital platform, such as office, construction, administrative and tools in general. All contacts are now made directly in the AlcoaBuy system.

When selecting a product, the tool also recalculates the price compared to other regions, with a shipping discount and any taxes included in the purchase. The system also enables monitoring of all phases of the service process.

The tool increases the competitiveness of suppliers in the region and makes it easier for the customer. “It is a kind of electronic assistance that will help domestic consumers to see what suppliers in the region offer. Basically, this opens a new, modern and fast path, which is the path of e-commerce (electronic commerce),” said Tamiris de Paula.

Those interested in participating in future business meetings can register on the PDF-MA website: www.pdfmaranhao.com.br

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