How to stand out from the competition and win over the customer even more?

Even with the reopening of physical stores after a long period of closed doors due to Covid-19, online sales continue to grow. According to the Report on the e-commerce sectors in Brazil, in terms of conversion, e-commerce grew by 5.29% in July this year. Survey data also shows that if only retail sales data is considered, the increase in online sales in the same month is even higher, at 6.3%.

That’s great information, isn’t it? That! But in this scenario, marketers need to be aware of other important factors in the virtual world, such as the experience of the user visiting their website. After all, with the rise of e-commerce, more virtual stores will appear. And the greater the competition in the virtual store, the greater the consumer demand for safer sites, faster payment, good service, or a better shopping experience.

Faced with this gigantic universe of consumers, the question that does not want to remain silent is: how to win them over?

To give you an idea of ​​the number of e-commerce transactions, according to the latest edition of Webshoppers, NielsenIQ Ebit, last year Brazilian e-commerce grew by 27%, totaling 182.7 billion in sales. The report also shows that even after a big boom in the arrival of new online consumers in 2019 compared to 2020, with growth of 29%, in 2021 that number continued to grow (10%), totaling 87.7 million online consumers.

Faced with this gigantic universe of consumers, the question that does not want to remain silent is: how to win them over? I say win them over, because we know it’s not enough to attract customers, you need to be able to convert a visit to a website or marketplace into a sale, increase the average ticket and make the customer return to the e-commerce for the next purchase.

In order to provide a good user experience and win them over, there are three points that I think are crucial:

  • Security in e-commerce;
  • Platform speed;
  • Variety of payment methods.

Focusing on these three items, here are some tips on how to combine online sales growth with increasing your e-commerce sales.

Safety is important

With the increase in transactions in virtual stores, concerns about the security of customer data also grew. That’s because companies that have suffered from data breaches or cyberattacks are known to no longer be the choice of approximately 86% of consumers, according to an Axway survey. The study also shows that for 78.6% of respondents, the lack of security of their data would prevent them from purchasing in e-commerce.

without wasting time

Nowadays, hardly any Internet user waits, for example, more than ten seconds for a page to load. With the advancement of 4G technology and advanced technology systems in virtual stores, it is increasingly common for websites and marketplaces to load their pages in the blink of an eye.

In this way, any slowness or delay in the search result or in one of the stages of the purchase can cause the customer to feel that the system is outdated. Therefore, investing in technology is key to creating a good user experience.

Variety of payment methods

With the ever-increasing competition in e-commerce, standing out among so many e-commerce stores has never been more important. And the means of payment can be an ally in this task! Offering different payment methods, meeting the needs of each customer, can make a big difference.

Just as page loading speed has become crucial, providing innovative ways to pay for purchases has also become a consumer demand.

Pix in four interest-free installments is one of those forms of payment that goes beyond traditional means such as credit cards and bank slips. In addition to being a form of payment that caters to more up-to-date customers, it’s the perfect tool for consumers who don’t have or don’t like to use a credit card.

This means of payment also complements the first two items I listed as essential for acquiring customers: security and speed.

Paying via Pix in installments is a safe way for both consumers and merchants. Although it does not prevent fraud, the service significantly reduces the approval of fraudulent purchases, as the platform’s decision engine consults the consumer’s profile and behavior before approving it. The speed is due to a tool with machine learning technology that performs the purchase analysis in less than five seconds.

We know there will always be competition, but I guarantee that by prioritizing these three topics above, you will be able to successfully differentiate yourself from the competition!

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