Five tips to prepare your online store for Black Friday

One of the main retail dates, Black Friday, scheduled for November 25, takes place in 2022 between two big dates: the World Cup, which will take place this year from November 20 to December 18, and Christmas.

According to research by Neotrust, the date generated BRL 5.41 billion in e-commerce sales in 2021, up 5.8% from the previous year. And for 2022, the trend is towards the consolidation of sales on digital platforms, as they represent 72% of online shopping preferences.

Check out how to plan to give your customers a positive experience during the main trade dates of the second semester.

With the evolution of online shopping, the challenges are growing. According to a survey conducted by Bornlogic/Opinion Box, conducted in September 2021, the biggest challenge for the retail market will be maintaining the stability of its digital platform in the face of increasing access.

Companies and businesses all over the world eagerly await Black Friday. That’s when the consumer is most ready to buy, and the retailer wants to sell as much as possible. However, this year the date is even more special, as we face something never seen before, which is the arrival of the Cup, not to mention that Brazil makes its debut on Thursday, November 24. It is necessary to be careful and plan all processes in order to avoid future problems.

Check out how to plan to give your customers a positive experience during the main trade dates in the second half of the year:

1 – Planning and personality

Follow the trends and always try to improve the website to promote a good shopping journey. Make a checklist. Put down on paper everything you want with this date, what can go really well and possible problems that can arise along the way. In addition, in order to plan correctly, start by understanding who your customer is. Ask yourself the following question: Who is your audience? By knowing how to answer this question, you’ll automatically know what he’s looking for and how best to deliver it digitally.

2 – Personalization

It is important to create paths to guide users within the website. As much as Black Friday is a long-standing tradition, it is still necessary to clearly show where it is possible to guarantee the best deals. Create shortcuts and creative calls to action, customize your website specifically for that date. If possible, count on the marketing team to define these strategies. Two very important points that are on the rise and growing in Brazil are live commerce and influencer media buying. This time of year is a good opportunity! They can generate good results and later help in customer loyalty.

An extremely valuable tactic, which serves both this Black and the next, is to create landing pages that contain ‘/blackfriday/productname’. That way, you’ll be able to index that URL in Google for future seasons, gaining organic relevance year after year.

3 – Organization between areas

It is extremely important for retailers to have the organization, planning and execution of three areas together: marketing, commercial and technology. Also because there is nothing more annoying than encountering a disorganized online environment. In fact, this is one of the reasons people give up on shopping. Start by separating products by categories, margins and discount levels, create groups within them. Bet on descriptions, photos and even videos that show how a particular product works. Invest in a simple and interactive website because visual pollution is a very common obstacle and causes the customer to stop buying.

4 – Team ready

Having a team ready to handle any issues during this time is also a way to deliver a quality product or service. Bet on the integration of your team, focus on making each person aware of the importance of this date. Invest in meetings to define strategies and be in constant internal alignment – ​​both sales and technical support need to be aligned so that there is no noise in communication. In addition, the after-sales team is extremely important at this time of the year. Long delivery times during this period are very common. If this is your reality, let the customer know about it and have people ready to fill the demand.

5 – Security and transparency

Investing in security is always a way to improve the performance of your business and more and more customers are making it a priority. Users are most looking for secure sites that are transparent about data usage. According to a study conducted by Reclame Aqui, more than 88% of consumers are concerned about their privacy and security online. So keep the LGPD (General Data Protection Law) in mind and always try to be as honest and transparent as possible with your client.

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