ESHOPPER and E-Commerce Brasil publish a usability ranking of the 100 largest e-commerce stores in the country

This Tuesday the 12th, ESHOPPER, specialist in user experience analysis, presented the 1st edition of The Digital Commerce Ranking, an award that aims to recognize the 100 largest e-commerce sites in Brazil in terms of usability. The announcement was made during the VTEX day and included a presentation by Tiago Baeta, Founder and CEO of E-Commerce Brasil, and Vivianna Vilela, Content Director of E-Commerce Brasil.

The announcement was made during the VTEX day and included a presentation by Tiago Baeta, founder and CEO of E-Commerce Brasil, Vivianna Vilela, content director of E-Commerce Brasil, and global CEO of the VTEX digital commerce platform, Mariano Gomide.

The list of shopping sites that offer the best user experience was created by ESHOPPER and included e-mail addresses from six sectors: Sports; Electronics; Household appliances; Beauty and pharmacy; Fashion and accessories; and Home and decoration.

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The company in the sports segment Centauro appears in the 1st place, followed by Farmadelivery and Drogasil, both in the beauty and pharmaceutical sector. Other big brands also appear on the overall list, such as Adidas (4th), Droga Raia (5th), Tok & Stok (6th), Boticário (7th), Consul (8th), among others ( see order by segment below) . To view the complete ranking and by segment, access here:

For the selection, more than 200 criteria of the largest e-commerce stores in Brazil were evaluated, in eight areas of knowledge (content and personalization; navigation; purchase policy; multiple channels; shopping cart and checkout, web performance, SEO and customer service).

The award also included a presentation by the CEO of ESHOPPER, Alina Haeckel, and the global CEO of the Vtex digital commerce platform, Mariano Gomide.

During the publication of the list, registrations are open for companies that want to participate in The Digital Commerce Ranking 2022. Traffic data will be recorded between April and June of this year. Visit the website for more information.

In addition to the physical award, ESHOPPER also promoted the NFT ESHOPPER, where it awarded the top 3 places in the 6 main categories of e-commerce on The Digital Commerce Ranking.
From this Wednesday (13th), online stores appearing in The Digital Commerce Ranking will receive a special stamp called Best User Experience, which confirms to visitors that the site offers one of the best shopping experiences in the country.


The general manager of ESHOPPER pointed out that the purpose of the list is to offer an analysis with indicators and good market practices within different e-commerce sectors.

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“Our analytics model compares and quantifies customer experience to make this comparison available to businesses. Therefore, companies can adapt to improve the customer’s shopping experience, so that they can buy products quickly and easily,” explains Aline.

The executive also explained that some of the reasons the sites fetch good prices have to do with the fact that a consumer can categorize what they want, check reviews and enlarged images, and complete the purchase in a few clicks. “Our ranking is a good measure of a smooth and satisfying user journey.”

For the finalists in The Digital Commerce Ranking of ESHOPPER, the General Manager notes that, in addition to having the opportunity to learn from those who reached the first places, they are still a reference. “Congratulations to all participants, no matter what level they are on the ladder. Our work is focused on conducting a unique analysis and offering a guide with improvements that can be made”.

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According to the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (ABCOMM), there are more than 1.5 million online stores in the country. Asked what are the main problems they face in online stores, the CEO of ESHOPPER was categorical. “There are a number of factors that contribute to website shopping cart abandonment rates. Among them, the poor layout and the lack of various pages and information related to shipping and delivery time,” the example stated.

Below is a list of the top three in each category that received trophies:

In general

1st place: Centaur, Felipe Pavoni
2nd place: Farmadelivery, Sérgio Noia
3rd place: Drogasil, Diego Kiria


1st place: Farmadelivery, Sérgio Noia
2nd place: Drogasil, Diego Kilian
3rd place: Drogaraia, Diego Kilian

Fashion and accessories

1st place: Reserve, Zé Alberto
2nd place: Mr. Cat, Thabata Cesario
3rd place: C&A, CEO Paulo Correa


1st place: JBL
2nd place: Philco, Adriana Deslandes
3rd place: Panasonic, Denis Lucas

Household appliances

1st place: Consul, Eduardo Akira
2nd place: Compracerta, Eduardo Akira
3rd place: Frigelar, Rubem Razões

House and decoration

1st place: Tok&Stok, Ingrid Grasser
2nd place: Móveis Simonetti, Paulo Marvila
3rd place: Imaginarium, Wellington Santos


1st place: Centaur, Felipe Pavoni
2nd place: Adidas, João Machado
3rd place: Puma, Luiza Lamarca

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