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In doubt which CNAE e-commerce decide to register your company?

This is common, after all, e-commerce covers several segments within e-commerce and you may need a main code and other secondary ones to formalize your business.

CNAE is an acronym for the National Classification of Economic Activities, a code defined by the National Commission for Classification (Concla/IBGE).

Then find out how to find CNAE e-commerce right and start your business online without complications.

CNAE e-commerce: what is my company registration code?

To find out which e-commerce CNAE to choose to register your company, you first need to define commercial segment that you want to explore.

After all, an e-commerce company can operate in the sale of the most diverse types of products or services.

It is true that there is no special CNAE for e-commerce.

For government agencies, it makes no difference if they are yours the store is physical or virtual.

what is important is type of product or service to trade.

Therefore, some examples of CNAE for e-commerce are:

  • 4763-6/02: Sports equipment retail store
  • 4763-6/04: Retail store of items for hunting, fishing and camping
  • 4781-4/00: Retail clothing and accessories
  • 4782-2/02: Retail trade in travel items
  • 4783-1/02: Watchmaking retail trade
  • 4530-7/03: Sale and retail of new parts and accessories for motor vehicles.

You can do your detailed research on the Concla/IBGE website via the search box or navigation structure.

Each CNAE has a list correlated activities and activities that the subclass does not understand.

To avoid mistakes, it is essential that you have the professional help of an accountant to define the most appropriate CNAE for e-commerce.

Opening a company with e-commerce CNAE is basically divided into two phases: bureaucratic planning and processing.

The main steps are:

  • choice of legal nature: Sole proprietor, limited partnership or sole proprietorship with limited liability
  • Definition of company size: Microenterprise (ME), Small Business (EPP) or too, bearing in mind that ME and EPP can join Simples Nacional
  • Prior feasibility consultation company address and company name via Redesim.
  • Filling in data in Redesim national collector
  • Application for registration in the Administration of Trade and Tax Registration
  • Application for necessary licenses.

You can also choose to open an e-shop as an MEI (individual micro-entrepreneur).

In this case, it is important to consider that MEI has several limitationssuch as an annual income of only R$ 81 thousand and the employment of one employee.

Although opening an e-commerce store is simpler than a physical store, the success of the business also depends on investment and a lot of dedication.

Then, take a look at some tips that can help:

  • perform a search Know the market and target audience
  • Create a business plan with clear definitions of the type of product or service you will offer
  • Create a brand for your e-commerce
  • Explore technological solutions available on the market (market, white label platform or own development)
  • Invest in digital marketing
  • Establish impressive partnerships that help you run your business more efficiently, such as outsourcing of accounting routines and financially.

How much tax does e-commerce pay?

If your e-commerce company opts for Simples Nacional, taxation will most likely be done under Schedule I (commerce).

If applicable, nominal tax rates vary from 4% to 19% on gross income, according to income ranges.

Now that you know how to choose a CNAE for e-commerce, take the opportunity to open your company with Contabilix, online accounting aimed at micro and small businesses.

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Jean Bitar, founder and CEO of Contabilix, an entrepreneur in the technology market from an early age, graduated in computer science and accounting, with an MBA in auditing and accounting expertise.

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