Hackers and industry

The “new front” is growing, unfortunately fast, in this daily war hackers against society and companies. These are attacks on “industrial plants” that are increasingly robotized, digitized and dependent on the “IoT” (Internet of Things). On the one hand, “robotization” increases productivity and efficiency in the use of raw materials (much reduces waste), on the other hand, it “facilitates” cyberattacks.

A recent study by an American company ForeScout technologiesbased in “Silicon Valley” (in the city of San José, California, United States of America) – a provider of automated security control solutions for industries – points to an “exponential increase in cyber attacks in the industrial segment”, especially caused by ransomware (which “hijacks” data and charges a ransom for its publication), a risk that is increasingly present in the business and government environment.

Now is the biggest problem, according to technicians from ForeScout technologiesit is a “mutation” of this type of virus that “normally” blocks digital data (through encryption) and which is already starting to block equipment in factories (physically), completely stopping production.

attacks from hackers and industry (II)

Modern factories are highly automated and many operate with hundreds or even thousands of devices connected via the Internet. Therefore, becoming a “potential target” for hackers. This is the new scenario that cyber security companies are working on.

It is necessary for industries to see the real need to connect everything on the “factory floors” – or to make these connections through the Internet, without having to use it for this purpose (the possibility, for example, of using “Intranets” ” with a lower risk of invasion and a lot easier and cheaper to protect) – and plan protection from there to reduce risks.

Of course, we know that “robotization/digitalization” is irreversible, but it is worrying how this model has become a new “paradise” for criminals.

It is also worth noting that other economic sectors, such as healthcare (hospitals, clinics, etc., in which case the losses would not only be financial, but probably life-threatening), energy production and transmission (nuclear, hydroelectric, solar and wind), to mention only two, they are also at increasing risk, due to the digitalization of their business, both in the world and in Brazil.

For some time now, cyber security is no longer the concern of only the financial system, but has become the concern of all economic segments. This is the current reality.

“Angels of Brazil”

On October 31, in the capital of São Paulo, the 9th edition of the National Conference “Anjos do Brasil” will be held. According to the organizers, the event is “focused on the connection between investors and entrepreneurs, and is carried out by Anjos do Brasil, the largest Angel Investment promotion entity in the country, which aims to expand and maximize investments in high-impact companies”.

This year’s edition focuses on three main themes: “Entrepreneurship with Innovation and Impact”; “How to Look for Angel Investment” and “Best Practices for Angel Investment”. As in previous editions, the “Target Audience” of the Conference consists of: entrepreneurs of high potential; Angel investors and investment funds; Entrepreneurs and managers; Entities that promote entrepreneurship; Accelerators, incubators and technology parks; Public administrators; and, Companies in search of innovative solutions.

The event will be held at the “SENAC Santo Amaro” headquarters. More information and registration at: https://www2.anjosdobrasil.net/conferencia-nacional

The latest “Chapter of the novel” Elon Musk X Twitter

The legal “fight” of an American mega-entrepreneur Elon Musk and the parent company of the social media platform twitterand refers to the proposed purchase of the platform, had a new “chapter”.

According to the American press, the representatives twitter published information that says yes musk “He’s under federal investigation.” However, an air of mystery remained in the air, as it is not known “what exactly was the focus of the investigations and which federal authorities are conducting them.”

It is very likely that the investigation is related to SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission) and/or s FTC (Federal Trade Commission), a US government agency whose goal is to protect consumers and ensure a strong competitive marketplace by enforcing consumer protection laws.

In the coming weeks, new developments should come to light.

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