CIMED family history

The president of the CIMED group, João Adibe, and his vice president and sister, Karla Marques, were invited to Experience Club Nordeste to discuss the family business. The proposal is for fathers, mothers and children to circulate in a special arena, built on the José Estelita Pier, in a conversation with the support of Escola F and the Swiss bank UBS.

João Adibe and Karla Marques lead the way as successors who act as CEOs of CIMED. Together, they turned the company into the second largest player in the pharmaceutical industry in the country with a national capital. And turned him into one of the leaders of research, one of them as part of the Artemis project, of NASA with SpaceX, where CIMED will send the materials of its research.

Adibe is one of the enthusiasts of the research line of the pharmaceutical industry with national technology, and he also worked to expand the line of generic drugs in Brazil, which has only 40% of the market, while the United States, where the largest industries in the pharmaceutical sector, reach 90% .

This Thursday they were in Jornal do Commercio when they talked about the succession project of their company, developed in a peaceful way and aimed at the growth of the company, whose sign is to have one of the best working environments in the sector, a model that he and his sister Karla will say 200 today invited business families.

Moura implements a lead recycling unit

Moura is investing R$600 million in a new unit, in Belo Jardim (PE), aimed at improving sustainable practices within the company’s operations. The project for the new recycling and metals unit (Unit 14) has been developed prioritizing the most advanced technologies on the market and the international standards required in relation to health, safety and the environment, while providing greater competitiveness for the market through technological innovation. A doubling of production capacity to 100,000 tons of lead per year is foreseen. The factory’s proposal is a more efficient process of separating and classifying materials from batteries to be recycled.

Anac approves the auction and Aena takes over Congonhas

Now it’s official. The National Civil Aviation Agency confirmed the result of the auction of the seventh round of airport concessions, when Aena won the largest share in the dispute, winning 11 airports in the SP-MS-PA-MG block. The group includes Congonhas – São Paulo, the second largest in Brazil, in terms of passenger traffic. The transfer of airport management to Aena should be completed at the end of the first half of 2023. With the terminal in São Paulo, Aena will have the largest airport network assigned in Brazil, with 17 equipment spread over nine states, Aena is strengthening the team operating in Brazil.

The end of the golden era of globalization

Speaking to businessmen, Minister Paulo Guedes said Brazil is now experiencing a wave of private investment. “We have passed through the crisis, and many countries have not yet. The world is heading towards a moment of turmoil, the end of the golden age of globalization. While in Brazil it is the opposite, today it is seen as a safe haven”. Will it be?

Pre-Salt supplies three out of every four barrels of oil from Brazil

Oil and gas production in September once again exceeded the limit of 4,048 MMboe/d (million barrels of oil equivalent per day), of which 3,148 MMbbl/d was oil. The first was in January 2020 and 74.11% comes from the overlying layer in the Tupi field. The single well 7-ATP-6-RJS delivered 65 thousand boe/d.

Soccer World Cup to boost Black Friday sales

The prediction of the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association is that in this second half of the year, e-commerce will reach a sales volume of R$ 91.5 billion on Black Friday, which will be held on November 25 this year. It will be the first time in Black Friday history that it will coincide with the World Cup (November 20 to December 18), an event that fuels the sales engine. In the first half of this year, e-commerce represented 118.6 billion sales, according to the 46th edition of Nielsen’s Webshoppers | Ebit.

Nestlé’s PetCare is targeting the North East market

Nestlé Purina will begin its expansion plan in the Northeast by distributing pet food in Recife. PetCare is the animal nutrition division of Nestlé, a world leader in animal nutrition research with facilities in Santa Catarina and São Paulo. The choice of Pernambuco was due to the fact that the Northeast is home to a quarter of Brazil’s dog and cat population, and the region represents 20% of the country’s total pet consumption, with approximately R$8 billion in revenue per year.

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