Black Friday: Tips to Increase Your Online Sales

The end of the year is approaching, and with it Black Friday. The date has already become a tradition among Brazilians and drives the country’s economy. In 2020, the first year of the coronavirus pandemic, e-commerce saw significant growth compared to the previous year: during Black Friday, sales grew by 25%, and online commerce revenue reached an incredible R$ 4 billion.

The World Cup, which will take place from November, could be a strong sales engine for Black Friday 2022.

Last year, in 2021, the scenario was even better. The amount collected in virtual stores during Black Friday reached R$ 5.4 billion, and the average purchase ticket increased to R$ 711.38, which represents an increase of 6.4% compared to 2020.

Projections for 2022

Due to the challenging economic moment the country is facing, Brazilians have put the brakes on their purchases this year. However, the World Cup, which will take place from November, could be a strong sales engine for Black Friday 2022.

This is shown by the Consumer Survey for the second half of this year conducted by Behup: 56% of respondents said they intend to make a purchase because of the World Cup.

Of these, 72% intend to make a purchase during Black Friday. Therefore, the sporting event promises to move e-commerce and brings the hope that the last Friday in November will be full of sales.

The World Cup can give your sales a little boost, but you also need to prepare to attract customers and close good deals. Here are some tips to help you in this process. Check it out below!

1) Prepare your online store

During Black Friday, we know that consumers are bombarded with advertisements all the time. In this scenario, your store must be ready to stand out from the competition. Ensuring that your e-commerce is intuitive and fluid when browsing is a fundamental step. The secret is simple: your customers need to look at your website and immediately recognize where the special offers for that date are.

A good strategy is to create a banner that announces exclusive discounts for Black Friday, as well as a tab on the home page of the e-commerce, where you must group the items on offer. By doing so, you prevent customers from dissipating during the purchase process and are more likely to increase your sales volume.

2) Offer multiple payment options

Credit card, debit card, bank transfer or Boleto. There are many payment methods available today, and if your store is unable to offer these options, you will be at a disadvantage. Providing payment alternatives is a good strategy for attracting different types of audiences and, consequently, increasing your sales. It is also important that customers feel safe when entering personal information in your online store. So, make sure your website is secure.

3) Price is not everything

Good discounts attract attention. But in fact, what delights and retains consumers is good service. So, be ready to offer quality service, even with a larger number of customers than usual. Don’t forget to describe the product’s features in detail and leave answers to frequently asked questions ready. But it’s also important to be available to answer other questions that may arise. And remember: good service doesn’t end with the purchase: be prepared for return and exchange requests.

4) Advertising is the soul of business

You’ve already set up your online store and are ready to offer your customers a great shopping experience. Now is the time to focus your efforts on proper disclosure. After all, who is not seen, is not remembered, right?

Create advertising strategies to increase the visibility of your e-commerce. At this point, social media can be a great ally, if used properly. You can create paid ads on these platforms to reach a specific audience and earn more. Develop attractive images and texts that highlight the discounts and benefits offered by your store.

additional tip

Explore seasonal dates like Black Friday to build customer loyalty. You can, for example, provide discount coupons for their next purchase, send product bundled gifts, and send emails thanking customers for their preference. These are simple actions, but they certainly enrich the shopping experience.

And you, are you already preparing your e-commerce for Black Friday? Stay tuned for more insights!

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