Black de Milhões: Correios promotes meetings to increase sales in Pernambuco

Entrepreneurs interested in improving their digital marketing and logistics solutions in view of Black Friday and year-end sales have the opportunity to participate in the meetings that Correios will hold in the main commercial centers of Pernambuco this October.

On the 25th, it will be the turn of entrepreneurs from Recife for a presentation that will take place at 10 a.m. at the Boi e Brasa Caxangá restaurant. And the next day, the 26th, from 7 p.m., is an opportunity for sellers in the Santa Cruz do Capibariba region, at Bellitate Garden.

The last meeting will be held in the municipality of Toritama, on the 27th, at 19:00, in the Ponta da Serra restaurant.

For Black Friday, the biggest discount commercial event that takes place in Brazil and in the world, Correios launched the “Black de Milhões” campaign on the 5th of this month.

The name refers to the top numbers of the mega operation: millions of orders shipped, millions of retailers, consumers and thousands of companies looking to make the most of the most anticipated dates of the year.

the best solutions
Correios has implemented a number of improvements in the parcel segment that will bring greater profitability to sellers and a better experience to consumers.

With investments in portfolio and logistics capacity, the company has advanced in digital projects, innovation in services, products and operations to follow the growth curve of e-commerce – all while maintaining, for two consecutive years, the price of orders domestic and international.

As a result of these improvements, express packages arrive faster and to more locations. In more than 17,000 segments, the delivery time was reduced from 5 to 1 day, and prices were reduced in the main markets, favoring sellers in offering more attractive transportation.

In the flow of orders from abroad, the state-owned company optimized the delivery time, reducing it to approximately 8 days after the product was released by import inspection agencies. During Black Friday 2022, all these delivery times will be maintained.

Support for entrepreneurs has also been expanded with the creation of Correios Empresas (CEM), a physical and digital solution to serve entrepreneurs nationwide that already has 32 units open, including one in the capital city of Pernambuco.

In addition, Correios Log+, a complete logistics solution for e-commerce, has been expanded to more cities – including Recife – and allows merchants to take advantage of all the expertise of the state-owned company in the stages of the logistics process: storage, inventory management, picking and delivery to the end customer.

In Pernambuco, the structure is located at the Letter and Parcel Processing Center (CTCE) in Muribeca, on the coast of BR 101, and has all the installed postal capacity in the country – one of the largest in the country and centralizing a good part of the North-East’s cargo.

High operational performance
Investments in logistics infrastructure have made the operational capacity of Correios even stronger. This year alone, the company invested about R$ 320 million in the renewal of the fleet, which represents more than 4,800 new vehicles on the road.

The state-owned company also installed 13 operation centers that received new equipment for processing orders.

In order to enable shorter deadlines for express orders, the transport capacities were also expanded by contracting 16 new parts of the aircraft warehouse for cargo transport.

And in order to receive their orders with more convenience and security, customers have a wide network of agencies, with the Click and Collect solution and lockers installed in the main urban centers of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília. Additional features of the Correios app also allow users to speed up services, such as pre-posting and consultation on prices, deadlines and tracking.

Correios anticipates higher order volumes in the second half of the year compared to previous quarters. That’s because this year, in addition to Black Friday, November 25, the 2022 FIFA World Cup will also take place, which also promises to fuel the nation’s e-commerce.

As the largest logistics operator in Latin America, Correios is ready and organized to support the Black Friday of millions of Brazilians and thousands of companies that democratize e-commerce and boost the economy of Pernambuco and the country.

Send millions of black:
Recife PE)

10 in the morning
Restaurant Boi e Brasa Caxangá

Santa Cruz do Capibariba (PE)
7 in the morning
Bellitate Garden

Toritama (PE)
7 in the morning
Restaurant Ponta da Serra

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