At 15 years old, WEBJUMP has established itself as a reference in e-commerce and aims for international expansion

WEBJUMP, the reference company for digital transformation in Latin America, turns 15 by renewing its commitment to innovation. During this period, he helped major brands, such as Nestlé, Alpargatas, Galderma, Starbucks at Home and BrasilSeg, lead their digital transformation in Brazil and worldwide with more than 1,000 projects delivered. In the last four years, it grew by 450%, and in the last two years alone, it increased the number of employees by 200%. But all this is just the beginning: the company is now targeting the next level of e-commerce, with digital travel integration projects and major innovations related to the B2B, B2C, D2C, B2B2C universes and markets.

The main Adobe Gold partner in Brazil and the only one with the Specialized Commerce seal in Latin America, WEBJUMP today has a privileged position in the market with more than 50 Adobe certificates.

A very different scenario from 2007 when it was created to help businesses start their journey in the online space with portal building, website building, SEO and as a boutique digital agency. At the time, the company emerged as a partner of the open source e-commerce platform Magento, which was acquired by Adobe in 2018. “Magento was emerging as open source in the world and that caused a lot of trouble with our proposal; we are planting this flag in the country”, Ivan Bastos, CEO and co-founder of WEBJUMP, is proud.

The CEO recalls that the first major challenge in e-commerce was to create a digital environment for the sale of tires for the Caçula Pneus brand, the former Pirelli dealership in São Paulo. “At that time, in 2011, it was not a common project, because we had no idea who would buy tires online. Today we see the importance of this pioneering project in multi-channel e-commerce in the country. It was a milestone that we are very proud of. We created omnichannel before the word even existed,” he recalls.

Since then, market structuring projects have started to appear more frequently, with WEBJUMP operating on all e-commerce fronts, whether B2B, B2C, D2C or B2B2C, among others. The company also develops applications, PWAs (Progressive web application) and UX/UI, mainly in Adobe Commerce, the leading platform in B2B and B2C e-commerce to which WEBJUMP is the reference in Brazil.

Another major milestone was the acquisition of WEBJUMP by Compass.Uol, a technology company of Grupo Uol, in October 2021. “Brazilian e-commerce has already advanced a lot and is a reference in the world. But it is interesting to note that what we are developing goes far beyond e-commerce. Carrying out digital transformation in companies and for the market and watching people inside the house develop personally and professionally is what motivates us the most,” comments CCO Erick Melo, who, along with Bastos and Rodrigo Mourão, CTO, is the founder of the company.

Among WEBJUMP’s successful projects is Ambev Partner, Ambev B2B e-commerce today known as Bees. He was the one who made WEBJUMP take a leap in its history in 2017, the project was chosen for The best B2B customer experience at the Magento event in Las Vegas. “The projects we develop affect the country’s GDP,” Mourão is proud.

More recently, WEBJUMP has been developed for Galderma, a multinational medical and aesthetic solutions, My Galderma Store e-commerce and internal sales portal, integrated ecosystems and 100% digital, to sustain the multinational company’s annual sales growth of 20% to 40%. And there are more than 10 active projects for Nestlé. “We recently launched the first Starbucks e-store for the end consumer in the world,” comments Alexandre Rodrigues, COO. In addition, the Starter Kit (or quick start kit) project was launched in February, with a basic structure that enables optimization of the creation of e-commerce platforms for the group’s brands, generating savings of around 25% to 40% on new projects. And globally, WEBJUMP developed the largest B2B e-commerce for the multinational company Nestlé Antes Você.

the next level

For the future, the goal is to consolidate its international expansion and reach the next level of global electronic commerce, which, according to Erick Melo, can no longer be considered e-commerce, but only commerce.

“We are establishing a highly structured company to demonstrate the strength that Brazil has in innovation, technology, professionals and value delivery. We are good at what we do, we deliver very big and big things. Over the next 15 years, we want to continue investing in innovation, technology and, above all, in our people to help companies make the transformation to barrier-free commerce,” he adds.

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