What business to open with 10 thousand reais?

The dream of owning your own business is present in most Brazilians, and it is often possible even if you have little money. That’s why we will indicate today what business to open with R$ 10 thousand.

What business to open with 10 thousand reais — Canva reproduction

There are endless opportunities to open a business with R$ 10 thousand reais in your pocket, because what counts the most is your perception of the market and your ability to take action.

Would you say that this information did not motivate you to continue reading this article?

What are the business opportunities to open with R$ 10 thousand reais?

Below we present several business options for opening with R$ 10 thousand reais so that you can see which one you identify with the most and start investing.

Work in the food industry

Investing in the food industry is one of the easiest jobs to do, given the wide variety of options available.

Among the existing options that are more profitable are:

  • Prepare healthy meals: and deliver in the form of lunchboxes or frozen food;
  • Produce sweets to order or, for example, entrust the services of a bakery;
  • Preparation of sweets and snacks for parties;
  • Work as a chef to produce exclusive lunches and/or dinners for people hiring services;
  • Making cakes and tarts for sale in bakeries or in your own space or to order, among other things.

With your money you can create your own brand, promote products and buy ingredients for food preparation.

Business consulting, mentoring and online courses

Do you have knowledge in a certain field of knowledge?

If so, it is possible to market mentorships and online courses. But if you intend to specialize in a subject, try to specialize in e-commerce or digital marketing: these are the topics of the moment.

Even if you do not have knowledge in these areas that are trending in the world, you can offer knowledge courses in music, musical instruments, languages, specific areas such as mathematics, physics, Portuguese, among many others.

Create elements of visual communication and design

Many people still do not master certain programs and, therefore, need to create presentations for classes, conferences, participation in seminars, among others.

So, it is possible to specialize in this area of ​​visual communication and design and open your own agency or promote your services on social networks and marketplaces.

Niche-specific e-commerce manufacturing companies

You can invest in a specific e-commerce niche, such as: reselling clothing and fashion accessories for youth and teenagers, or fashion accessories for men and women. Look for innovative, differentiated products that have a supplier that respects product delivery times.

So you can sell these products and not have inventory, where the product supplier is responsible for the delivery logistics.

Another very profitable e-commerce business is buying different products from international sites and shipping them to Brazil. The biggest problem in e-commerce is the delivery time for products sold abroad, which take a long time to arrive. The customer wants to buy and get the product quickly.

makeup job

In this type of business, it is possible to invest in providing makeup services at home, as well as offering makeup products for sale.

For this purpose, you can offer the service in different ways, such as:

  • Set up a small space and create a makeup service and take the opportunity to sell products to customers in person and online;
  • Serving the client at home;
  • Creating partnerships with beauty salons and other places with complementary activities.

Fashion and accessories business

The business of fashion and fashion accessories is on the rise and there is a lot of variety to do activities such as:

  • Sell ​​via e-commerce;
  • Use of space in one’s own home for resale of clothing and accessories;
  • Subletting of space in other businesses that complement each other, such as beauty salons and massage salons;
  • Party clothing rental business;
  • Set up a used goods store.

The difference in this business is to make life easier for customers: whether you take it home or show off the look on social media.

Have you seen how many possibilities there are for investing R$ 10 thousand reais?

Finally, now you just choose the activity that you identify with the most and start earning. We hope that today’s post could be of great help in showing that you do not need large amounts of money to invest in a business.

So always bet on what makes sense to you!

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