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The Sims 5 may be closer than ever. That’s because “Project Rene,” the codename for the next generation of the franchise, was announced last Tuesday (18th), during the “Behind The Sims Summit” event. According to the developers, the game’s production is still in the “very early stages”, which is probably why there is hesitation in confirming that it is the 5th platform. However, some of the news about it was advanced, such as the furniture customization tool and online multiplayer. Find more details about the project below.

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The Sims: Next Generation franchise is codenamed “Project Rene” and fans are speculating that it’s The Sims 5; see all about — Photo: Reproduction/Electronic Arts

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The next game in The Sims series, called “Project Rene”, was presented via a live stream on the franchise’s YouTube channel. Since the development of the game is still in the early stages, developers Maxis and Electronic Arts have not yet confirmed that it is The Sims 5. However, something similar has already happened with the series: before the official release, The Sims 4 was called “Project Olympus”. —which can serve as an indication of what awaits us.

During the launch of the new game, some of the customization tools being tested were shown, such as one that will allow customization of the sizes, colors and patterns of decorative items. This feature appears to be an improved version of what was used in The Sims 3, with the ability to change, for example, a single bed to a double bed and share the creation in the gallery.

Fans have also pointed out the similarities in Project Renee’s tools to those offered in the crafting mode of Paralives, a competitive indie simulation game that has yet to be released. — Photo: Playback/The Sims

In addition to this tool, apparently, the game will have two possible modes: single player and online multiplayer. The latter is a novelty that fans have been asking for and has never been seen before in the franchise (with the exception of the FreePlay version for mobile devices). In addition, demonstrations of crossplay, a feature that allows you to play the game simultaneously on PC and mobile, were also made.

Project Rene, supposedly The Sims 5, was demonstrated in a simultaneous session between PC and smartphone — Photo: Playback/Behind the Sims Summit

According to the franchise’s creative vice president, Lyndsay Pearson, the codename “Project Rene” was chosen because of its proximity to words like “rebirth”; the idea is to represent a renewed commitment to the future of the series. It was also mentioned that the long-awaited announcement is intended to encourage the game’s fan community, “simmers”, to provide suggestions and ideas.

There is currently no release date for The Sims 5 (or “Project Rene”), but when it does, the game should be available for Windows and MacOS computers, in addition to Android and iPhone (iOS) phones.

It is worth recalling that at the same event, in addition to two new expansions for next year and an update for baby games, it was also announced that The Sims 4 will receive mod support, modifications created by fans, in an official way through a partnership with the Overwolf platform.

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