Sorocaba City Hall and Technology Park have plenty of reasons to celebrate on National Innovation Day (19th).

October 19 is National Innovation Day, a date designed to promote and encourage technological development. The date is also a reference to Albert Santos Dumont’s first successful flight in an airship, which circled the Eiffel Tower in the city of Paris, in 1901. This fact has become a reference for highlighting important milestones in the scenario of technology and innovation.

Therefore, the Municipality of Sorocaba and the Technology Park of Sorocaba (PTS) have many reasons to celebrate on this date. PTS is an ecosystem fueled by innovative ideas, currently home to six research labs and more than 40 companies, 24 of which have arrived in the last two years.

PTS works to promote a favorable environment for resident companies to expand access to innovation and acquisition of new technologies. An example of this is the first Center for Excellence in Technology (CET – Center for Excellence in Technology) 4.0 in the country, implemented in the Technology Park in June 2021, with the presence of the President of the Republic Jair Bolsonaro and the then Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), Marcos Pontes, newly elected senator. CET 4.0 develops technologies related to Industry 4.0, such as 5G Internet, robotics, automation and the Internet of Things (IoT).

PTS President Nelson Cancellara explains that the work developed in partnership with companies and startups is made possible by innovation. “Our intention is to solve challenges, and the Technology Park acts as a protagonist in the entire region, breathing every day and creating innovative solutions that facilitate the everyday life of organizations and people”, he comments.

This year, as the Sorocaba Technology Park completes a decade of activity, the environment has been the stage for major events that recognize the importance of these advances. As happened last Tuesday (18th), with the Forum of Digital and Smart Cities of the Metropolitan Region of Sorocaba (RSM), of which Sorocaba was the host and participant with recognized development in this area.

Among the various national rankings in which Sorocaba excels, the municipality is ranked 26th among the smartest and most connected cities in Brazil and 9th in the state of São Paulo, according to the Connected Smart Cities Ranking, the result of an extensive study conducted by Necta and Urban Systems. The reason for this is the important investment of the city in the application of technological innovations in several areas.

Among the highlights, in October 2021, through the Department of Education (Sedu), Sorocaba began the delivery of modern IT equipment to all schools in the municipal network. More than 1,400 computers were made available, including over 650 laptops and 750 minicomputers, along with 200 routers, 65 switches (equipment that enables connecting computers to the network) and two wireless access controllers (which will remotely control access to the equipment). In addition, more than 1,000 digital whiteboards have been installed, serving all 175 schools in the municipal education network. More than 4,400 tablets and nearly 3,000 Chromebooks were also delivered to teachers and students.

There was also the implementation of Aprova Digital, in August 2022, through the Department of Urban Planning and Licensing (Seurb), which contributed to the agility, efficiency and modernity of the portfolio’s services. In less than a month since its implementation, there have been more than 250 requests for project approval through this new system, which has accelerated bureaucratic procedures.

In healthcare, the Meu Remédio portal, launched in September 2021 and available on the Sorocaba City Hall website (, represents another innovative action, providing transparency and easy access to the population, to find, with required speed, medicines available in the municipal network.

With all these accomplishments and achievements, the Municipality has many reasons to mark the National Innovation Day in a very coordinated way, once again implementing the motto of the current Municipal Administration, which is Sorocaba: Humanized and Innovative City.

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