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Razer is probably the most famous and recognizable brand of peripherals in the world. No wonder, because they practically created all this “gamer” aesthetic that we have today, with an aggressive look, black and full of RGB. But apart from aesthetics, Razer is a brand that is also known for launching expensive products.

However, in recent years, Razer has also launched entry-level products such as Kraken X Lite and a mouse Deathadder Essential – Peripherals with a price that fits the Brazilian reality. ON Viper Mini is also one of those products, its suggested retail price is $39, and in Brazil you can find it for less than that. Is it worth buying? We’ve already reviewed several Razer products here on the site, and now it’s time for the Viper Mini!

External construction and design

But what is the purpose of this mouse? As the name says, The Viper Mini is a smaller version of the famous Razer Viper mouse. Although this “miniaturized” version is cheaper, it has the same build quality standard as the brand’s other mice.

Razer Viper Mini

The matte black finish doesn’t stain easily from sweat, which is good. On my model, I’m already starting to notice a slight wear of the plastic on the sides. Undoubtedly, after a few years of use, the mouse will feel shiny on the parts where the fingers come into contact, such as the sides and buttons – which is normal. Shiny plastic is better than worn rubber like the original Viper.

The upper case of the mouse does not fit neatly into the lower case – there is little material left. We also get a squeak when we apply pressure to this spot. Again, it’s not something that bothers you, because it’s in a part where no grip makes contact, and the squeak only occurs when you squeeze with unusual force.

Razer Viper Mini - bumps on the back
Residues on the back: feature or disadvantage?

Overall, the build quality is good. Although the mouse is ultra light (61g), it doesn’t feel fragile or breakable easily.

malfunction on my model

The Viper Mini I bought came with a small flaw on the button on the front: it was loose. It didn’t affect the button operation, only the tactile feedback. I have spoken to other Viper Mini owners and none of them have had this problem, so it was a defect in my unit. I solved this problem by opening the mouse and using two drops of glue to glue the button to the mouse body, imitating the back button. Looks like they forgot to tape the front button at the factory. Hello, quality control!

The problem is easy to solve, but you need to open the mouse and void the warranty!


The Viper Mini has a symmetrical shape, but despite being “marketed” as a dual mouse, only right-handed users can use the side buttons. The shape of this mouse is very similar Famous model O and for Deluxe M800.

Razer Viper Mini


Although I have relatively large hands and the Viper Mini is a small mouse, it fits my finger style perfectly. I can wear it for hours without getting tired and it has been like that since the first day with it.

Fingertip, palm and claw prints
Fingertip, palm and claw prints

It is ideal for Fingertip and Claw grips, and only users with small hands will be able to use it comfortably with a Palm grip.


The Viper Mini’s feet are made of 100% PTFE and glide extremely well – a great upgrade to the Viper’s Teflon feet.

Razer Viper Mini - the lower part of the mouse
Razer Viper Mini – the lower part of the mouse

The mouse has a plastic ring around the sensor and actually that plastic has direct contact with the mouse pad. Some users delete this detail, but in my opinion, this part does not interfere with the gliding enough to justify modifying the mouse.


Razer’s budget mice usually don’t come with adaptive lighting, just a solid light, but that’s not the case with the Viper Mini! We have an RGB dot that illuminates the Razer logo and the back of the mouse.

Razer Viper Mini - RGB
Razer Viper Mini – RGB

The lighting is very bright and beautiful, even in white and yellow, which is rarely seen. Through the Razer Synapse software, we can configure various lighting effects.


We have the Razer Speedflex cable, which is a type of soft nylon. There is nothing to complain about here, this is one of the best cables we can have in a mouse. He is also quite long, about 2 meters.

Razer Viper Mini - cable
Razer Viper Mini – cable


This is the part where we will see what parts Razer decided to incorporate into the mouse PCB. Your switches, that is, switches, are buttons that are activated by clicking the mouse. If they are of poor quality, they may crash or have problems with double-clicking.

THE Scroll wheel or the mouse wheel must be comfortable and responsive – there is also a switch under it, and this cannot be too heavy.

already sensor is responsible for tracking the mouse. They are usually produced by the same company, Pixart, but some brands produce their own sensors, such as logitech and to dare. A poor quality sensor can have problems such as loss of tracking during fast movements (the mouse stops tracking and the pointer stays still) or even hangs during movement.


Here we have Razer’s 50 million optical switches. They are completely immune to the double click characteristic of this type of switch. The clicks are not as satisfying as mechanical switches, but on the other hand, they don’t make as much noise and are more durable.

Only the primary switches are optical – all others are mechanical.

The side switches and DPI toggle are generic mechanical switches.

scroll wheel

The Viper Mini scroll is really good. The clicks are mechanical and sensitive – we don’t have that scratching sensation when moving or pressing buttons.

Razer Viper Mini - scroll wheel
Razer Viper Mini – scroll wheel


Here’s where Razer “saved it,” if you can even call it that. The Pixart PMW 3359 sensor, up to 8500 DPI, is not considered a high-end sensor like the original Viper’s PMW 3389. But that doesn’t matter – almost all Pixart sensors work great, the differences are imperceptible. Nevertheless, here’s how the Viper Mini fared in the performance test.


In the performance test we use software MouseTester to test mouse pointer tracking performance. I haven’t noticed any major deviations or issues with mouse tracking in the months I’ve been using it, so we’re looking for minor deviations here:


On the consistency charts, we tested four different sensitivities, 400, 800, 1200 and 4000 DPI. The closer the dots are to the blue line, the better the mouse tracking:

Great! This is one of the best MouseTester graphics I’ve ever seen. At all DPIs Viper Mini tracks perfectly. From the first day I used it, I knew it was very accurate, but I had no idea how good it really was. Cool.


In the acceleration test we “we flick” mouse as fast as possible to the right, we go up and slowly return to the starting point. The distance traveled by the mouse pad is the same, only the speed changes. In this test we see if the mouse has acceleration or not.


Perfect! The Viper Mini has no acceleration at all – the mouse follows the exact movement you make, whether fast or slow.


software Razer Synapse it asks to be installed as soon as you plug the mouse into a USB port, and can also be downloaded directly from the Razer website.

It is a heavy program, containing hundreds of features. Within it we have access to the entire Razer ecosystem, such as the Macros module, integration with Alexa, Chroma Studio, etc.

We can also create specific profiles for games and/or computers.

It’s worth mentioning that although the Razer Synapse software is necessary to make changes to the mouse, the settings are saved in the Viper Mini’s built-in memory, so we only need to configure it once and uninstall the program.

Is it worth buying? Which competitors?

Although the Viper Mini is just as good a mouse as the Razer Viper, it costs 3-4 times less, roughly 130 BRL. This is the same price I paid for it in May 2022 and I don’t think it will go lower than that.

Where is the offer?

👉 Buy the Razer Viper Mini for only R$134.00 on Amazon

This is the mouse that leads our list of “Best gaming mice to buy under 200 reais” and it’s no wonder – the Viper Mini dominates in terms of value for money. But maybe you don’t like the format or prefer a bigger, heavier mouse? Maybe wireless? Let’s look at the alternatives:

Picchau hive S

The first Viper Mini alternative that comes to mind is Pichau Hive S, a mouse that “flies under the radar” of the crowd, but which is excellent: we have an advanced sensor (PMW 3389), Kailh mechanical switches, an ultra-flexible cable and only 60g of weight. We can find it on sale in Pichau for approx. 150 BRL.

HyperX Raid

Now, if you’re looking for a mouse that’s bigger and heavier than the Viper Mini, but retains a quality sensor and excellent build, I recommend the HyperX Raid, which is also on sale. 150 BRL.

Deluxe M800

If you really liked the Viper Mini, but wanted it to be wireless, this mouse exists, it’s the Delux M800, bought through Aliexpress. I haven’t had a chance to review it in person yet, but the community really likes it. charge 142 BRL.

All in all, the Razer Viper Mini is an excellent mouse and deserves our seal of approval. great indian.

Razer Viper Mini


  • Excellent sensor;
  • Optical switches;
  • A satisfying scroll;
  • PTFE legs;
  • Ultra light;
  • Razer ecosystem and built-in memory.

  • Questionable quality control.
Razer Viper Mini
Razer Viper Mini

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