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Dot Bank has favorable plans that contribute to the strengthening of these services that have become crucial for companies

The use of online means of payment and virtual stores has entered the routine of Brazilian consumers once and for all. These resources were used during the pandemic because people did not leave their homes. In addition, of course, the simplicity that this medium offers when purchasing.

In the first quarter of 2021, e-commerce sales increased by 57.5% compared to the first quarter of 2020.

In addition, there was also a 9.4% increase in the value of the average ticket, compared to the same period, according to NeoTrust, in a report on e-commerce data in the country.

The use of digital payment methods was also common among Brazilians.

Experian’s Global Insights survey conducted in March of this year showed that 87% of surveyed consumers trust e-commerce when making purchases.

The same fact happens with digital wallets, 87% of Brazilians trust the tool.

Director of company operations point bank – the first digital bank to operate as a franchise in Brazil through a multi-portfolio platform, focused on the management, reconciliation, monitoring and settlement of payments – Amanda Pinatti, says both solutions benefit tenants.

“The online store allows the entrepreneur to sell to those he could not have imagined, and online payment comes as a help in completing sales and optimizing time.”

Full service

With these services on the rise and the need for many companies to adapt to this new requirement, Dot Bank allows an entrepreneur to hire a virtual store and a payment gateway in the same negotiation, but the products are treated individually.

“After engagement, the store is at the same time released to the customer to launch the page and color settings, as well as now product registration is possible. The payment gateway needs a few days for approval, because it is necessary to sign up for the acquisition and complete the process of connecting with the customer’s store. This process can take up to seven days,” says Amanda.

The director of operations also explains that with the Dot Bank virtual store it is possible to become a hybrid institution, which fulfills both possibilities.

“It also makes it easier to view the departments and products the store has to offer customers. The online payment method, on the other hand, helps in the speed of separation of the delivery, the security of the payment and the speed in the sales process, eliminating errors in the fulfillment by other means.”

Intuitive system

The franchise virtual store system has the characteristics of intuitiveness and ease of use. The merchant has a page to customize the entire store, including shipping, payment methods and visual identity.

“It can also send a link to the store to the customer, which contains all registered products with their categories, descriptions and photos. With this, the consumer accesses the page, selects the products of his choice, performs a quick registration and completes the purchase,” explains Pinatti.

The customer also has the option of purchasing directly through the Dot Bank platform, quickly and easily, without waiting for an employee to complete the order.

“It is always important to point out that a user should not share their access and card information with third parties or even make purchases connected to unsecured networks,” emphasizes Amanda.

Cost benefit

A virtual store is suitable for retailers in general, especially for those who want to increase their sales and engage in the digital world. The payment gateway serves to automate this process on the entrepreneur’s website, in addition to having the option of using it on other platforms.

“By hiring a Payment gateway, the entrepreneur will optimize his time, because the products registered on the platform practically sell themselves. After registration and sending the link, the process is fully automated, the merchant will not have to worry about arranging the sale, he will only need to take the products to the post office”, concludes the operations director of Dot bank.

The network has plans that allow a merchant to customize their store, add their own company domain and integrate with ERP.

Plans start at BRL 34.90 per month and activation of the payment gateway on the platform costs BRL 140 in cash (paid only once).

About Dot bank

Founded in 2019 in the city of Birigua, in the interior of São Paulo, Dot Bank is a digital bank aimed at companies that want to automate processes, such as payments and receipts.

Through integration with management software, automatic reconciliation favors daily performance improvement.

In addition to these services, the platform has a portfolio of products that serve small and medium-sized commercial and retail businesses, such as those with a large volume of bank receipts.

Operating in the franchise market, Dot Bank operates with a home office model, whose initial investment starts at R$ 2212.00 and stands out as the first digital bank operating as a franchise in Brazil.

Currently, the network has 12 units spread across Brazil.


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