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Do you know live trading? Learn how to innovate in retail (Source: Daniela Sena/Wechat/Reproduction)

Author: Thauana Morais*

ON live trade or live trade is a new functionality and sales methodology that sales platforms e-commerce – including social media – can be promoted through live sales. In addition, professional developers suggest transforming the purchase process into a real one digital.

The main goal of this new method is to shorten the journey shopping around on the linesince the consumer enters the process through the program and is influenced by the online seller through an interactive script, usually full of fun, energy and creativity.

Knowing and applying these new methods and platforms depends on how you plan to implement new technologies in the sales sector. Check out some more of this great innovation in online retail:

Digital transformation and new consumer behavior

In order to find out more about this increasingly popular job, we talked to an entrepreneur who is part of our team favorable community global women, Daniel SenCEO of Continental Corporation in Hangzhou.

She defines live commerce as a combination of immediate purchase of a featured product, with audience participation through features such as chat and reaction buttons within the live platform.

The specialist works with the main one today Chinese global companies in this sector and guarantees that the power of this new sales dynamic is the power of expansion.

For her, live commerce brings more dynamics to the consumer, but also greater engagement due to the possibility of offering exclusive offers. It is, in short, a new immersive shopping experience.

The expert is currently working with major Chinese global companies in this sector and guarantees that the strength of this new sales dynamic is expansion (Source: Daniela Sena/Wechat/Reproduction)

Daniela also explains that this new functionality allows brands to reach more court hearing, because it breaks down barriers of distance and brings comfort. After all, the customer participates in the purchase process usually through celland it is enough to have a stable approach Internet.

Another advantage for companies that want to follow this methodology is that from live interactions the platform generates data that facilitates the next strategic decisions of the sales team.

The online seller, in turn, has the role of helping to give credibility to the brands that opt ​​for the new dynamic, forming a partnership to publish announcements with the live event – usually these professionals are influencers who represent the brands in their pages and create coordinated content.

Live trading market

Live commerce began to be used as an innovative strategy by the Chinese giant Alibaba in 2016, and today it is already considered a growing phenomenon among several Western brands.

According to area analyststhe new functionality attracted almost 300 million consumers at the beginning of 2020, and the main industries that already benefit from the new technology are: the fashion industry, beautyfood, electronicsarticles from decorationamong others.

Working directly with Brazil from her office in China, Daniela also explains that during the pandemic we have seen a boom in e-commerce in Brazil, and social isolation has resulted in the rise of digital retail, “forcing” companies that have been doing business alone to rethink their sales strategies and for digital transformation – new digital payment functions have been improved and the online sales market has developed like never before in Brazil and around the world.

A digital influencer is key to the success of a live store (Source: Daniela Sena/Wechat/Reproduction)

As a result, those who already had a more structured digital business fared better in the context pandemic. However, the continuation of social life imposes new challenges on us and, as much as the digital journey is a path of no return, the competition will become more and more intense in the next few years – since we are talking about an environment of rapid transformation and growth, it is necessary to act and adapt at maximum speed.

Consumers, on the other hand, are also quickly adapting to these changes, which bring more benefits such as practicality, convenience and the opportunity to experience new experiences – which, by the way, are only possible through the development of data.

Check out 5 tips for innovating retail with live commerce below

As explained earlier, the role digital influencer is encouraging the decisions of a certain audience. In a live store, this is key to creating relevant and dynamic content.

Companies that want to start implementing a live shop must consciously choose who will influence the marketing of their brands. In this context, Daniela, who, in addition to leading the company’s management, is also one of the main influential factors presented Be a live studio – the branch of your company that provides live trade services for Chinese platforms in Brazil – highlights 5 very important tips for those who want to develop in this area, which is taking up more and more space on the market. Check:

  1. Communication: invest in speaking techniques to reach, maintain and increase the credibility of the brand you want to represent and present to the public;
  2. Confidence: it is important to convey trust from beginning to end, to be clear about the purchase path, in order to convince and retain the customer who attends;
  3. not be invasive: strive to polish your communication so that it is inclusive and as impartial as possible. Understand that you will be speaking to a diverse audience;
  4. Relevance: remember that your role is to convince people by always bringing messages about the relevance of your work and the products you want to sell; and
  5. Conscience: like everything we do in life and business, seeking the path of consciousness, paying attention to each step of the process, helps ensure that fewer mistakes are made and that the results are more and more positive.

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*Thauana Morais is the resource director at Observa China and the founder of the auspicious woman and SheUp communities.

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