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Amauri Segalla

Movement in the center of BiH during Black Friday 2021: clothing will be the most sought-after item among consumers this year
(photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA Press – 26.11.2021)

At the request of Mercado Livre, Instituto Ipsos conducted a survey to identify consumer preferences for the next Black Friday, which will take place at the end of November. According to the survey, the product categories with the highest purchase intentions are fashion (48%) – which always leads this type of ranking -, technology (44%), appliances (30%) and beauty and personal care (30%). %). Interestingly, despite the volatile economic scenario, Brazilians intend to spend good money on a promotional event. Another survey, this time conducted with 10,500 Mercado Pag users between September 26 and 30, showed that 80% of respondents intend to pay up to R$ 2 thousand. The leader in Brazilian e-commerce, Mercado Livre predicts sales growth of 20% compared to 2021. According to the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm), Black Friday 2022 should generate R$ 6.05 billion, an increase of 3.5% compared to on last year.

Unicorns are in short supply in Brazil and in the world

Unicorns, as startups valued at at least one billion dollars are called, are in decline. According to a report by the American consulting company CB Insights, in the third quarter of 2022, 25 unicorns were “born” in the world. The lowest number since the first three months of 2020. The record holder for the number of unicorns in Latin America, Brazil is facing a similar phenomenon. In 2022, no billion-dollar startups appeared in the national territory. The reason is the economic crisis, which made investors more cautious.
Paulo Lehmann
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A philanthropic event that will bring together Lemann, Abilia and Benchimola

The non-governmental organization Gerando Falces gathers a team of suckers from the Brazilian business world with the aim of raising funds for its social projects. The meeting will be held in Miami on the 27th, and in addition to Eduardo, Jorge Paulo Lemann (photo), from 3G Capital, Guilherme Benchimol, founder of XP, and Abilio Diniz, shareholder of Carrefour, will participate in it. Lyra, CEO of Gerando Falces. Philanthropy thrives in Brazil. According to the WGI ranking, we are 18. we no longer support.

The French chain Accor, owner of the Ibis brands
(photo: Jair Amaral/EM/DA Press)

Accor plans to launch a subscription hosting service

Subscription services are proliferating in several sectors. The ball of time is the hotel industry. In January 2023, the French chain Accor, owner of brands such as Ibis (photo), Novotel and Mercure, launched a novelty on the Brazilian market. The value of the plans should vary from R$ 119 to R$ 560 per month, and accumulating points will entitle you to exchange for daily or other services. Worldwide, Accor offers subscription services in Australia and China. The chain has 336 hotels in Brazil under 12 different brands.


  • Airbnb has published a guide for governments with tips on how to attract digital nomads. The content is based on data and experiences from Airbnb’s partnerships with 20 locations that develop the potential of remote work. Among the recommendations are improvements to the visa process and simplification of tax compliance.
  • Brazil’s Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae) received approval from the Central Bank this week to create a credit fintech. The company will have an initial capital of R$ 600 million. Since its foundation in 1972, Sebrae has never acted directly in lending to business partners.
  • The Hirota Em Casa network, which brings together grocery stores belonging to the Hirota Supermercados group, has defined aggressive plans for the country. Its goal is to have 500 stores in the apartment building by 2025. The company opened its 100th unit of this type yesterday. The facilities are digitized – the customer enters, selects the product and pays via the application.
  • Interpol, the world’s largest law enforcement organization, has designated a special team to help governments fight cryptocurrency-related crime. The agency has been investigating fraud involving bitcoins and the like since 2015, but has now decided to create a separate area for it. Virtual currency crimes to increase 300% in 2022

that’s how much the main telecommunications operators invested in Brazil in the first half of 2022, which represents a nominal increase of 23.3% compared to the average of the last 5 years. The data is from Conexis Brasil Digital

Paulo Guedes
(photo: EVARISTO S / AFP)

“We will invest another R$200 in Auxlio Brasil for taxation of profits and dividends. I warned my business friends”

Paulo GuedesMinister of Economy

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