Discover the Estrela Bet app and learn how to download it

Estrela Bet has become a reference in the sports betting market. One of the positive aspects of this bookmaker is the existence of the Estrela Bet application. Check below what features this app offers and find out how to download.

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Star Bet application download

For those who want to download Estrela Bet from the official application of this sports betting website, the download process is extremely simple and can be easily completed within a few minutes. At the end of this process, the user will have the Estrela Bet application fully ready for use. See below a detailed step-by-step explanation showing how to download the Estrela Bet app.

Download the Star Bet app>>

Star Bet application download

Follow the step by step below:

  1. Visit the homepage of the platform. This can be done through computers or mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets, in this case through any browser or browsers present on the device. It is highly recommended that the user access the EstrelaBet home page via the mobile device on which they wish to download the official application.
  2. Then you have to click on the yellow button with dark letters that says “download app”. It’s also important to consider the sentences printed around this button, including the one that says there’s only an Android app for now. Namely, users who want to install the Estrela Bet application will have to do it manually by installing the Estrela Bet apk file, and there is still no official application for Apple devices using the iOS operating system (iPad and iPhone).
  3. After clicking on “download application” the download of the Estrela Bet apk file will start. It is possible that the selected browser will ask for permission before starting the download. In this case, the user must give permission to download Estrela Bet apk as soon as possible, thus avoiding problems later.
  4. After the download of the apk format file is already completed, now the user has to install the application. To do this, just click on the already downloaded apk file and the process will start by itself. Once again, it is possible that the Android device asks for permission to install the Estrela Bet application, which permission must again be granted by the user. After the installation is complete, the application will be installed and ready to use.

Opening an account and using a promotional code

With Estrela Betapp already installed, all the same features that are available on the desktop website are also available in the app. This means that in the application it is also possible to register at EstrelaBet and use exclusive promotional codes and coupons that can generate great benefits for the user, including a very interesting welcome bonus and other offers that can be very useful later.

Download the Star Bet app>>

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To use the promotional code when registering through the application, the user only needs to access the application and click on “Registration”. There, the customer will be redirected to the registration sector of the application, where he must enter some information necessary for registration and where he will also have the opportunity to enter his promo code.

Betting options in the Estrela Bet application

Everything that can be done through the Estrela Bet bookmaker via a computer, either PC or Mac, can also be done through the official EstrelaBet platform application. In total there are dozens of different sports options to bet on, along with several games and casino games. In addition, all the basic functions that a sports betting platform should offer are present, including a deposit and withdrawal section, customer support, help and more.

Download the Star Bet app>>

Betting options in the Estrela Bet application

Among the available sports, they are all the most popular among the Brazilian population. Football is, as expected, the most famous of them, but you can also bet on volleyball, basketball, handball, Formula 1, futsal, boxing, MMA, American football, tennis, races of all kinds and much more. Users of the Estrela Bet application will certainly be satisfied with the large options offered, especially bearing in mind that the offered coefficients (coefficients) are above average compared to other companies in this market.

Procedure for betting through the application

The procedure that the user must follow in order to place a bet within the Estrela Bet application is exactly the same as the one that must be followed when using the platform via computer. The user must first select the sport he wants to bet on, then select a specific event, game or match, then select the desired market and enter the amount to bet on. If the bet is correct, the user will keep the winnings. Otherwise you will lose your stake.

All this can be done very smoothly and easily within the application. After registration, the user will be redirected to a page with some events highlighted and a menu where it is possible to select the desired sport. After that, just follow the steps above and you can place your bet very quickly and efficiently.

Payment and withdrawal options

When a person wants to choose a betting platform to try to profit from sports, one of the points that should always be analyzed is the options that this website offers to the user to deposit, pay, withdraw and withdraw. A good betting site must offer all currently common methods of financial exchange, as well as enable the use of these payment and withdrawal methods through the official application.

Payment and withdrawal options

All these desirable features are present in EstrelaBet, including the official Estrela Bet application. This platform has a payment and withdrawal system very focused on the Pix method, currently by far the most common and popular way of performing financial exchanges among the Brazilian public. This does not mean that Pix is ​​the only option, but it is the method that the platform places the most emphasis on. With Pix available, deposits directed to Estrela Bet are confirmed within seconds, a factor that makes Pix the most preferred option in the country and which certainly makes Estrela Bet a reference in this regard.

User experience in the Estrela Bet application

The official application of the EstrelaBet platform looks quite similar to the official website for computers. This must have been done on purpose, as it makes the EstrelaBet application easier to understand and use for those who are already used to the bookmaker’s website. And actually using the official EstrelaBet application is a very pleasant task for those who are already used to the site for computers.

As already mentioned, all the features and functions of the official website for computers are also present in the Estrela Bet application. That is, everything a user needs to perform well in betting can also be explored through the official app, including a similar design. This means that the experience of most users with the official EstrelaBet app is very good.

Other features

Other functions that many users end up forgetting to check, but which are very important, are also present in the Estrela Bet application. For example, a customer help section is present in the application, as well as a live chat customer support service. Ratios, also called odds, can be checked through the app, live betting features and payouts are offered in the EstrelaBet app and much more.

With that in mind, a person who is used to the contents of the official site of the computer platform will definitely adapt to the official application of the site very easily.


The fact that Estrela Bet has an official application for Android devices is a big advantage of the platform. However, the absence of an EstrelaBet application for Apple devices is still a major drawback, although this application is expected to be developed soon. Considering the features offered by the official Android app as compared to the official website, it is clear that the app is extremely high quality and will surely bring good results to the bettors if used properly. Therefore, the Estrela Bet application is recommended to everyone who wants to use this platform via a mobile device.

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