The information security professional is on the rise

Rodrigo Jorge is the new CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) at VTEX, a position that should be increasingly common in times of cyber attacks

With 29 years of experience in information security, privacy and technology, Rodrigo Jorge is the new CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) at the Brazilian technology multinational VTEX. The area takes over at a time of high risk of compromising information security in companies. “The negative effects resulting from fraud, leaks and invasions are increasingly visible, affecting the lives of customers and bringing losses of all kinds.”

Gartner, a research and advisory firm for businesses, has raised awareness of the problem through a new global study. According to advice, approx 88% of corporate boards consider cybersecurity a business risk and not just a technical IT problem. Therefore, according to the executive, a security specialist is important at this time to ensure that every company’s business is protected.

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This week’s C-Suite also features moves in the automotive, technology and insurance sectors. Fábio Rua is the new Vice President of Public Relations, Communications and ESG at General Motors, Andrea Lebrão is Head of Business Marketing at Nokia in Latin America, and Rivaldo Leite takes over as CEO of Porto Segura.

Forbes: What does the role of Chief Information Security Officer involve?

Rodrigo Jorge: My mission is to lead information security at VTEX, with the aim of ensuring as successful a business as possible, based on risk management, education of our people and creation of a healthy security culture. Among various activities, we highlight obtaining PCI-DSS, SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001 certificates, continuous improvement of the security of our platform through improvements and creation of new functionalities. Finally, we need to know the entire realm of existing threats to reduce the likelihood of breaches and fraud.

F: What qualities are you looking for in a professional in your field today?

RJ: The professionals we want must have a very comprehensive view of risks and threats, ease of learning, commitment to teamwork and be self-taught. Security professionals must take responsibility for total oversight of the entire company, not just their specific area of ​​expertise.

F: How have your previous experiences helped you get to this point in your career?

RJ: I have always dedicated myself to the maximum, starting as an intern, passing through the field of computer maintenance, network installation, system development, etc., all the way to management and today directly in the field of security.

F: What do you recommend to someone who wants to get to a C-Level position in a big company?

RJ: A lot of work, dedication and vision far beyond technique. Despite my experience and technical background, I graduated in Business Administration to better understand my role as an IT specialist in companies, what my mission is and how I can help the business.

F: How did your training help you in your career? What do you recommend to a professional in your field today?

RJ: I started playing with computers at the age of 8, and today, at 45, I see that children’s play has become my profession. I was always looking for courses and certifications, participating in events and creating and maintaining a strong relationship in the security field with people from all over the national and international market. Professionals need to get out of their closed boxes and really look outside and connect, as they are part of the community in their fields of activity and interest.

F: What would you like to hear earlier in your career?

RJ: I had a career that was not planned too much at the beginning, but from the moment it started to be planned with results. Maybe I could have heard more about the planning. I ended up having to learn about it myself through everything I went through.

F: As a triathlete focused on long-distance events, what do you take from learning about the sport for your career?

RJ: Planning, preparation and persistence in solving challenges, especially big ones. Nothing will fall from the sky. No one will go from intern to manager overnight, just as no one will go and run an Ironman triathlon without proper preparation and experience.

Which companies did you go through?

Lanlink, Qualitek, Ale Fuels, Neoway and now VTEX.


Technical school for data processing, graduated in business management and MBA in IT management, along with several certificates in the field of security and IT.

First job

Officeboy at Parmalat

first management position

Network Supervisor

career time

29 years old

  • Fábio Rua has assumed the position of Vice President of Public Relations, Communications and ESG at General Motors in South America. Before joining GM, he spent 10 years as an executive at IBM and worked at companies such as Embraer, General Electric and Vale.

  • Nokia announces Andre Lebrão as the new Head of Business Marketing in Latin America. The CEO was an event manager in Latin America and has been with the company for 15 years. In more than 25 years of experience in the field of communications and marketing, he also worked at Siemens and Kodak.

  • Rivaldo Leite has taken over as the new CEO of Porto Segura, the holding’s business vertical. In the company since 1988, he was the manager and director of production, commercial vice president and marketing vice president.

  • Edson Akiyama is BASF’s new director of customer training for South America. The area includes initiatives to connect the proximity strategy with the customer. Akiyama started working at BASF in 1998, focusing on information technology, management, web and digital strategies. For the last four years, he worked as a senior digital transformation manager for South America.

  • Wayra Brasil, Vivo’s open innovation hub, has hired CEO Gabriela Toribio as managing director. She used to be the head of the venture capital department at Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional and is the coordinator of the Corporate Venture Capital Committee of the Brazilian Private and Venture Capital Association, and the founder of Alimentos da Vila.

  • Luciana Soares is Puma’s new marketing director in Brazil. During her career, she worked as an executive in companies such as Credicard and Unilever.

  • Businesswoman Sônia Hess, who led the expansion and consolidation of Dudaline for 35 years, was elected as a member of the Board of Directors of the development and construction company Embraed. Hess is also Vice President of Grupo Mulheres do Brasil, Mentor of EY’s Winning Women Brasil Program and Advisor to Sequóia Logística, MASP (Museum of Art of São Paulo) and Brazilian Society of Retail and Consumption.

  • Watch Brasil, the multimedia content hub for Internet service providers, announces André Santini as its new CMO. The CEO has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communications, having worked in agribusiness, the beverage industry, the automotive industry and telecommunications.

Fábio Rua has assumed the position of Vice President of Public Relations, Communications and ESG at General Motors in South America. Before joining GM, he spent 10 years as an executive at IBM and worked at companies such as Embraer, General Electric and Vale.

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