Star Bet app, meet the betting app.

Get to know the Estrela Bet application better! There are several bookmakers offering their services to Brazilian users, but few pay attention to market needs and availability. Apps are one of the main ways to introduce new users to the betting market.

Star Bet application see betting bonuses

Estrela Bet app, meet the betting app

Estrela Bet is a bookmaker that has gained popularity thanks to its online marketing. His strategies have even reached well-known influencers, directly or indirectly, such as streamers Casimir and Togur from Maromb Castle. With the Internet’s popularity came users, who are mainly attracted to sports betting and crash games, which are the operator’s bread and butter. As for the casino, there are several common options from the main bookmakers, but the highlight goes to the Crash and Blackjack games, as they bring together dozens of players playing simultaneously in the same room.

Star bet application allows more agility to access your account and start betting from your mobile phone. Although browsing is limited compared to a computer, a smartphone allows you to take advantage of everything the web platform has to offer. You will be able to bet on sports and also play casino games. Crash games usually run well even on less powerful phones. It is recommended to use a good internet connection because a slow connection can result in slow down and even cancellation of bets on the star bet application.


The Star bet application offers a 100% bonus on deposits up to 200 reais. This bonus amount is valid for 30 days and can be used for both sports betting and Casino Spaceman, Blackjack and Aviator games. Bonuses apply to your account regardless of the device you are logged in on. You can easily use the Star Bonus betting application from your mobile phone.

Tips for sports betting on the star bet app

For sports betting, it is interesting to analyze the rates offered by different bookmakers. Bet star usually offers slightly more optimistic odds depending on the match. Ratios are indicators of bettor sentiment along with analysis performed by the bookmaker to determine the likely outcome. The ratios mainly consist of player emotions about the team name, top players and tournament expectations.

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To go further, think outside the box to identify factors that can affect the outcome of the game. To better identify these factors, you can rely on sports betting books, videos, podcasts and more. Think about the team’s recent performance. If they manage to fulfill their promises for the season. Analyze the frequency of bookings, injuries, presence on the pitch of the main players among other factors.

Tips for sports betting on the star bet app

Casinos usually have much less opportunity to develop analytical strategies than sports. But depending on the game, there are some techniques that can help you at least improve your hit rate and return. In Crash games, the simulation will be the same for all players in the room. So there is no way for the computer to “learn” from your gaming habit. Try to be precise when betting, never greedy. It is better to win multiple wins with small returns than multiple losses with no returns in the Star bet app.

In card games like blackjack, things change a bit. Because you can play against other human players and there are many more choices that will affect the game. Again, the help of any reputable media outlet on the subject can be your ally in upping your game for the Star Bet app.

Common questions

How to register on the Estrela Bet App?

Visit the official page of the Star bet application and select “Registration” located in the right corner of the home screen. Then provide the requested information and verify your account to start the process. Please note that personal documents may be requested to ensure that you are the correct owner of the notified bank account for deposit purposes. After completing the registration, you can deposit the desired amount into your account. Select the “Deposit” option, which will be available to you after entering the account, and select the desired payment option.

Can I bet legally?

Yes, online betting is not specifically prohibited in Brazil. You will not be arrested, fined or similar for the mere fact that you bet online using Star Bet. In the everyday life of Brazilians, online betting is increasingly present. Through advertising, billboards, influencers, sports matches and the like. Therefore, they are not working outside the law. The usual caveat about its legality relates to international betting. Think twice before placing sports bets if you are traveling, especially if you are visiting multiple countries. Because there are many countries that prohibit sports betting, even online. And in these cases you can have problems with the authorities. You can bet legally through the star bet application.

Can I invite friends to bet?

Yes, you can invite your friends to register and bet with you at Star Bet. Among the games you can play together are crash, blackjack and others. Crash, Spaceman and Blackjack are the main recommended ones, as both can enjoy a welcome bonus. And by the way, the old bonus bet application is valid for 30 days, so it is best to use it as soon as possible.

Can I use one bet star account on my computer and another in the app?

No, you must use the same account as the Star bet app for PC or betting via the app. Using multiple accounts is against the bookmaker’s terms and conditions, so you could be kicked out if caught. Also do not attempt to use a multiple betting app account via mobile phone. The same sanctions may apply.


The minimum deposit amount is only 1 reais through Pix.

Can I get rich betting?

Heavy. It is possible to gain some experience to increase your win rate and even beat the bookie in terms of returns over time. But it will hardly be expressive. For novice bettors, due to inexperience, they are more likely to lose than win in the beginning. So the initial learning curve can be a bit difficult. In addition, sports betting should be viewed as a form of entertainment and never bet more than you are willing to lose.

How can I bet responsibly?

The first step is to be in your mindset when you start betting. It is important to keep in mind that you are unlikely to make a significant amount of money betting online. Knowing this, consider online betting as a form of entertainment. Sports betting can also encourage addiction and result in unhealthy habits typical of excessive use of forms of entertainment. If you feel that your gambling habits are unhealthy, seek help from family, friends and possible therapy.

Be honest about your habits, don’t lie about how much time you spend in front of the computer or mobile phone and how much you spend gambling. Try to spend more time outside and don’t get your betting profile every two seconds. Betting via the app can be interesting, but the constant notifications can be annoying for those trying to develop a healthier betting habit. To minimize the impact, disable notifications or uninstall the app and only use your computer.

How to earn extra with online betting?

With enough experience, it is possible to make a certain return from online betting. But the most interesting way is to create content. If online betting is one of your favorite hobbies, it might be a good idea to share it with others. Consider creating a social media page about your content. Video for platforms like YouTube or even record a live stream interacting with other bettors while you bet. Never quit your job or career to focus on this type of business, but it’s worth using your free time to invest in something that brings you satisfaction and can pay you back well in the future.


Star bet is an unusual bookmaker, which offers basic services, but which are well implemented and leave little to be desired. Its online advertising makes the bookmaker very attractive. And offering a dedicated app is a great option for bettors who prefer to bet away from a computer.

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