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Sony revealed during Gamescom that it is producing a new controller for the PlayStation 5, for more demanding professional gamers. This is the DualSense Edge, the first high-performance and fully customizable controller made by Sony. THE the manufacturer has now informed that the new order will arrive in stores on January 26 and will cost 239.99 euros. Given that the normal version of DualSense costs 70 euros on averagewhat are the differences between the models?

The Edge could be identified with the premium version of the Xbox Elite, in the case of Sony’s proposal, the bet goes to gear customization, intended mainly for professional eSports players. Analog stick modules can be replaced when damaged, for example, and can be purchased separately, at a contract price of 24.99 euros, with same-day delivery. Pre-orders for the remote control and accessories begin on October 25.

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Starting with customizable controls, Players can change the appearance of the controller as they wish, both on the physical side of the buttons and through the software. So you can remap certain commands, disable inputs with certain keys, but more importantly, define the sensitivity of the analog sticks, as well as their “dead zones”. That is, the distance analog sticks travel before they are recognized during matches.

Also the triggers can be configured with different movement distance and dead zone options. More demanding players can shorten the trigger travel distance so it starts firing earlier and faster during a competitive FPS match. Same for racing games, where you can set the acceleration.

And since different games may have different requirements, players can save different profiles to the controller and access them quickly. The controller has a dedicated Fn key that lets you switch between settings without losing focus on the game. Options include switching profiles, adjusting the volume or chattingswitching between different control customizations, among other preset options.

In terms of personalization, both the analog skins and the back buttons can also be modified.. Three covers are available: standard, high dome and low dome. And there are two sets of rear buttons, a half dome and a lever, which can be configured to take over the functions of any other button. These are the buttons on the bottom of the controller that many users use to skip characters in an FPS or reload a weapon, without having to move their thumb from the right analog stick.

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Despite the changes and adjustments to the DualSense Edge, Sony says all the key features of the controller remain. Tactile feedback, customizable triggers, built-in microphone and touchpad are still available.

The remote comes with a USB-C cable, with a special connector that locks, so that it is not easily disconnected even in undesirable situations. A case is also included, so you can store the remote control and its components. In addition, the case has a battery that charges the controller via USB while it is stored.

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