Have you ever thought about turning any device into a high-end computer? This is Noar’s promise

Up in the air.

What it does:
It is cloud-based software that allows you to turn simple machines into high-end computers without investing in new components.

which problem it solves:
It democratizes access to computers for those who can’t afford or don’t want the high cost of new hardware. The service works via a low-latency streaming platform, and because it’s located in a data center, the cloud internet connection can reach speeds of up to 5 Gbps, even if accessed by a computer connected at 50 Mbps. The system is cross-platform and compatible with a wide range of desktop and mobile devices such as Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android.

What makes it special:
According to the founder,Unlike other cloud games out there, Noar’s solution can be used for a variety of applications, not just games.

Business model:
The startup’s business model is based on selling packages per hour. The customer registers on the site, purchases a package and calculates the time on his account. In this model, when the user can install whatever he wants, but when he shuts down the machine, all progress is lost and the disk is wiped.

October 2020

Joao Luiz Casagrande Villa Nova General director
Rafael Tavares Guimaraes Director Commercial
john arthur partner investor
João Jutape IT manager
Gabriel Cury Marketing Manager


Joao Luiz Casagrande Villa Nova — 22 years old, Rio de Janeiro (RJ) He graduated in computer science from the Centro Universitário Adventista de São Paulo, with an MBA in software engineering from the same institution. He is a backend developer. He works as a software engineer and TechLead at Itaú.

Rafael Tavares Guimaraes 32 years old, São Paulo (SP) he graduated in computer science at UNIP and marketing at Uninove. He worked in companies such as Lopes Imobiliária and Porto Seguro.

How it was created:
João says that Noar came from a dream: to play at a distance. “Rafael and I have had something in common for most of our lives: we’ve seen and heard about very fun games that required super powerful gaming machines, but we didn’t have the financial conditions or the technical know-how to put together anything close to what was required for the game. have fun,” he says. In addition to this main point, he says that when he was in his first year of his degree, he spent hours a day depending on the college’s computer lab to study subjects, since his computer could not support the necessary programs. Soon after when they met, at the beginning of 2020, their struggles and ideas came together. “In the beginning, everything was very embryonic, and looking now, very different from the product we have today. The initial idea was to make it possible to play on any computer, whatever we need to make it happen After months of learning, talking to friends, colleagues from college and work, family members and many others, we came to the question: ‘Why only people with all this knowledge we need to learn can use cloud technology? Why can’t people with a little technical knowledge who need technology have access to all of this? Why not automate these processes that we studied?” This is how the first Noar prototype was born.

Current phase:
The startup has 7,200 registered users on the platform, and the number is increasing by about 200 per day, according to João.

Noar was helped by the Brazilian startup association, which offered the startup the opportunity to establish contacts and partnerships, such as AWS and Google Cloud. But the company is open to acceleration programs.

Investment received:
Received 100 thousand reais from angel investors, along with 200 thousand dollars in favor of Google Cloud.

Required investments:
“We are preparing for the next round, where the goal is to accelerate development, increase the team and invest more in greater dissemination, i.e. expansion. In this round, we intend to raise the value above the previous one, but we are still defining the required contribution,” says João.

Market and competitors:
“The technology market in Brazil is very necessary, but with the adoption of 5G, the expansion of connectivity, the increase in the price of hardware with the semiconductor crisis and because we are inside the largest player market in Latin America and one of the largest in the world, the world, people need a solution like ours. Our services will meet a good part of the demand for hardware updates, this is true for a gamer who does not want to pay 6 thousand reais for a computer as well as for a designer, student or even a company that stops spending thousands of reais on computers and IT staff very expensive”, he says Executive Director. “There is still no consolidated service similar to ours in Brazil. Currently Nvidia, with Geforce Now, is the biggest foreign competitor, followed by Microsoft with Xcloud, however, both services are limited to games only.”

The biggest challenges:
“Our biggest challenge is to be able to conclude a long-term contract with our supplier and reduce costs. For that, we need to reach the goal of 75,000 spent hours per month.”

36 thousand reais in four months of work.

Prognosis of fracture:
July 2023

Future vision:
“Our team is committed to improving our system so that we can soon be a reference in technology, not only in Brazil but throughout the world. We will reach a point where changing hardware and hiring expensive IT staff will be unnecessary luxuries. It will even be a good thing for the environment, as our supplier (Google) strictly follows environmental criteria and the customer will greatly extend the usage time of their current hardware.”

Where to find:

Do you have a startup that is already more than a dream, but not yet a fully established company? Write to us. We want to meet you. And, who knows, post your initiative profile here in the Fast Track section. This space is created for entrepreneurs like you to find investors. And for people who are willing to invest in new companies to find great projects like yours.

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