Five tips to boost your e-commerce with technology

If, on the one hand, the Brazilian e-commerce market should reach R$ 79 billion in revenue in 2025, the truth is that most large digital operations are losing money. It’s a highly competitive market, squeezing profit margins and putting pressure on companies’ cash flow, requiring scalable investments in technology and design.

Therefore, some keywords should be a priority for those at the forefront of e-commerce: agility, security and excellent shopping journeys.

To increase your sales and get more and more visitors to your e-commerce, check out five valuable tips to increase your e-commerce profitably:

1 – User experience

It is much easier to sell to a satisfied customer. User experience should always be one of the fundamental benchmarks of any operation. A customer is loyal only when he believes that the service or the offer is really superior compared to the rest of the market. Tips for building loyalty are easy to repeat, but complicated to execute skillfully. It is necessary to pay attention to everything related to the user’s perception in all the interactions he has with your system, product or service. Make the navigation as simple as possible, so that the customer can easily find the products and make the purchase in just a few clicks. According to experts, strategic investments in UX/UI design and persona creation offer guaranteed returns to the entrepreneur. In addition, it is very easy to calculate the NPS of e-commerce. When the budget is limited, even a Google Form will do.

2 – Invest in relevant content

Be memorable, but without losing objectivity. In addition to offering products and services, it is important to show the client that you really know what you are talking about. Therefore, blogs and social networks are excellent allies that will show you why your e-commerce is different from others. In addition, doing good SEO in e-commerce as a whole, and especially on product pages, is critical to the health of a business. It is possible to create instructions on how to use a particular product or even pass on tips about it. Show your clients that you know your business and are an authority on the subject to cure their market pain. Those who take good care of their content, especially when they have thousands of SKUs, sell more and better.

3 – Agility and concern

Some traders grow and forget that people buy from people, that is, that it is necessary to build a friendly relationship with the customer. Business is developed through it, and so it is in e-commerce. So, be ready to help and solve his problem. Do not make the client wait unnecessarily. Answer questions as quickly as possible in the direct chat channel with the user or create calls (chat, WhatsApp or phone) with artificial intelligence to have pre-programmed answers. This will create a healthy and lasting relationship with your end consumer. A customer who does not respond leaves room for him to open Google and go to a competitor’s site.

4 – Coupons and discounts on special dates

Who doesn’t love discounts? It is certainly important when a customer buys something. Be aware of seasonal dates and opportunities to offer discounts so you don’t blow your money. Make sure your online product averages a slightly higher margin than your finances require, as this way you’ll have the crowd for occasional promotions when needed.

Other big issues are free shipping and giveaways. Explore these possibilities within your company and see what can be done. Carrying out promotions is even more interesting when we segment users who enter our online store, and thus we can offer special conditions for certain groups of clusters – for example, when specifying a postal code on the store’s home page, products with same-day delivery or differentiated prices for women in in the month of International Women’s Day. The key to a successful business is combining the flexibility of your e-commerce with the seasonality of the store.

5 – Invest in digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the great allies when it comes to the growth and development of e-commerce. It is true that a good product sells itself, as long as the customer can find it. Through strategies that use different communication channels, you can reach your target audience and promote your products and services more directly. We currently have important mechanisms that help in this process, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, CRM, Analytics, SEO, email marketing and several new tools that the market offers to increase awareness and sales performance. The big loss for businesses here is that they don’t have a data analytics structure that supports all the control needed for an advanced digital marketing strategy.

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