DiGaspi increases e-commerce sales and establishes its customer base with Upstream |’s new mobile marketing solution SEGS

Mobile Marketing Campaigns Powered by Upstream Platform Achieve 25x ROI for Brazilian Fashion Company

Leveraging online sales and building a strong customer base are the main goals of e-commerce focused companies. In pursuit of digital growth, popular fashion and footwear retailer DiGaspi trusted Upstream, a global mobile marketing automation specialist, to increase its e-commerce sales and reduce cart abandonment rates.

Through Grow, Upstream’s mobile marketing automation platform, DiGaspi saw sales growth, achieving a 25x return on investment (ROI) in the first two and a half months of use. Upstream’s online campaigns collected 12,000 contacts from its website visitors – with their consent – ​​significantly expanding the company’s mobile marketing database and increasing the brand’s reach to retarget its consumers.

“The results we achieve for our e-commerce customers are excellent. Mobile marketing is here to stay and we are happy that more and more brands are adopting our solutions. Working with DiGaspi and being a part of their digital growth has been absolutely amazing,” says Patrick Marquart, director of corporate sales at Upstream.

After developing a new mobile user base, Upstream delivered highly targeted, highly engaged pop-up and SMS marketing campaigns, which contributed 6.4% to DiGaspa’s digital sales. With the new solution, the fashion company was also able to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates by sending automatic, personalized SMS reminders with incentives, such as discounts, to help customers complete their purchases.

“Upstream’s solutions and their continued support to help us be more successful every day have been key to our company’s online growth. We had an increase in our sales and we started to build a close relationship with our customers through personal communication via mobile phone”, comments Ricardo Oliveira, Head of E-Commerce at DiGaspio.

According to the platform, the average value of orders received through Grow is 18.5% higher than other orders sent in the online store in the same period. “This shows that our text messaging strategy is in line with customer needs. Through our marketing automation platform, we have structured a plan that strives to provide users with relevant and useful content,” adds Marquart.

To make the consumer journey even more efficient, Upstream works closely with the DiGaspi sales and marketing teams to adopt new channels such as WhatsApp and Rich Communication Services (RCS) into its mobile marketing strategy.

About Upstream’s mobile marketing automation solution
Grow is a mobile marketing automation platform that enables advertisers to improve user targeting through multi-channel campaigns, directly on their mobile devices, using communication channels such as SMS, Rich Communication Services (RCS), WhatsApp, push notifications and social networks. The solution offers multiple services including content creation, campaign automation, data analytics, audience insights, ad fraud prevention and channel management on a single platform.

The tool provides the best consumer journey, customizing it according to user preferences and needs, maximizing marketing effectiveness for the business. Compared to traditional digital campaigns, the platform has proven to deliver three times higher conversion and double engagement.

O Upstream
Upstream is a leading mobile marketing technology company in the world’s key emerging markets. Its unique mobile marketing automation platform, Grow, combines innovation in marketing and data automation, security against online advertising fraud, and multi-channel digital communications focused on creating personalized customer experiences. With more than 4,000 successful mobile marketing campaigns, the Upstream team helps its industry-leading clients communicate more effectively with consumers, expand online sales and increase revenue. Upstream’s solutions impact 1.2 billion consumers in more than 45 countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

About DiGaspio
Di Gaspi is a chain of stores specializing in footwear, women’s fashion, men’s and children’s fashion, along with sports goods and accessories, with several stores located in the main cities of São Paulo – the capital and rural areas.

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