The mattress sector: global projections and trends

The challenges faced by the mattress sector in recent years are similar to other sectors. The events of 2020 that occurred due to the pandemic shook the world healthily and economically. In the business realm, leaders have had to adapt their operations and teams to survive. Digitization, which was on the rise, suddenly became fundamental. After all, restrictions imposed in an attempt to contain the virus have made the world dependent on digital. No wonder, online shopping has become very hot during this period.

Web buyers showed that Brazilian e-commerce grew by 27% in 2021, totaling 182.7 Bi in sales. Both new and repeat customers had a higher average fare than in 2020. The study conducted by NIQ Ebit is considered the most credible e-commerce in the country. It was also shown that there was an increase in the number of consumers, to a total of 87.7 million online customers.

However, when we think about the main product for leisure and home well-being, is e-commerce sustainable? As much as the pandemic has also made people take a closer look at their homes, and in doing so, a good night’s sleep has become more noticeable, tact is still an important factor in purchasing behavior in the mattress sector.

It is important, first of all, to understand the customer in each segment and monitor market trends, such as foreign ones, advises the president of the Brazilian Mattress Industry Association (Abicol), Rogério Soares Coelho. For him, the online mattress sector is a market that generates a lot of noise, but is not necessarily profitable.

consumer preferences

As people increasingly prioritize a good night’s sleep, they develop specific preferences regarding mattress type, firmness, and so on. In some cases, these preferences are shared along generational lines. Understanding them is just as important for the retailer as it is for the mattress manufacturer.

It is true that at this moment, not only in Brazil, but also in the world, there has been a pronounced decrease in the amount of mattress sales. “The diagnosis we have is that there was a big sale in 2020 and at the beginning of 2021, where consumers who would buy mattresses in 2022 advanced their purchases,” explains President Abicola. “In the case of Brazil, we have an aggravating factor, which is a recession, an economic scenario with a lot of uncertainty, with a great impoverishment of the population. This leads to a decline in mattress sales in 2022,” adds Coelho.

However, the IBISWorld projection [fornecedora pesquisas a indústrias em todo o mundo, fundada em 1971]Thanks to the growing awareness of the importance of sleep – which was demonstrated during the quarantine due to Covid-19 – the mattress industry is booming. And all signs point to the market not slowing down anytime soon.

“The shop owner must be careful that his shop does not become just an online showroom”, warns the president of Abicola, Rogério Soares Coelho | Credit: Abicol Disclosure

Indicators of the mattress sector

According to indicators provided by IBISWorld, the global mattress industry is predicted to grow by USD 13 billion in the next five years. Other valuable insights are:

  • Mattress buyers (especially younger ones) will increasingly prefer to shop online;
  • Brick-and-mortar mattress stores won’t become obsolete, but consumers are more likely to conduct online research before going to a brick-and-mortar store;
  • Consumer expectations regarding mattress prices have not changed much since 2016, suggesting they may resist significant price increases;
  • Mattress buyers will increasingly purchase new beds due to factors such as mattress wear and tear, health and comfort, and the desire to improve their mattress in some way (for example, by upgrading to a larger bed);

Source: IBISWorld

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