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With the third fiscal quarter of 2022 ending at the end of September, it’s only a matter of time before the latest financial data related to the world’s most valuable tech companies is released. However, thanks to EmpresasMarketCap’s assessment of the most prominent and influential tech giants, it is updated daily, and it’s no surprise that some of the world’s largest conglomerates have made it to the rankings.

With the advent of home shopping, streaming services, virtual reality, clean energy, electric cars and more, the most valuable tech companies in 2022 are leading humanity into the future in exciting ways.

10/10 Samsung Electronics – $262.4 billion

According to EmpresasMarketCap, Samsung Electronics’ market capitalization is currently US$262 billion. As Apple’s main mobile competitor, the beloved Galaxy smartphone maker has also led the way in consumer electronics, smart home appliances, shipbuilding, aerospace engineering and more. As such, Samsung earns an average of $236 billion a year.

Samsung is divided into three successful technology divisions: Consumer Electronics, Information Technology and Mobile Communications, and Device Solutions, although much of the company’s revenue comes from smartphone-related products. Founded in 1938 before merging with Sanyo in 1969, Samsung currently employs around 287,500 people.

9/10 NVIDIA – $288.5 billion

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With annual revenue of approximately $30 billion, NVIDIA is currently worth $288.5 billion. A leading brand in semiconductors, consumer electronics, video games and computer hardware, this technology company really took off after partnering with Microsoft to create graphics cards for the Xbox gaming console in the early 2000s.

Today, NVIDIA is a prominent player in creating the fastest GPUs built for PCs, mobile devices, gaming systems, smart home gadgets and more. In 2018, the company began developing artificial intelligence computer systems for fully automated vehicles, which could compete with Tesla in the future through its innovative NVIDIA DRIVE platform.

8/10 Tencent Holdings – $312.4 billion

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Founded in 1998, the Chinese technology giant Tencent Holdings has grown into one of the world’s largest multimedia conglomerates in a relatively short period of time. Apart from owning titanic gaming brands like Fortnite and league of subtitles, the company also invests in search engines, web portals, AI technology and e-commerce. As such, the company generates annual revenue of $87 billion and is currently worth $312.4 billion.

Recently, Tencent acquired the exclusive rights to distribute iconic film franchises such as Star Wars and James Bond in China, which will certainly increase its overall market value in the future. Meanwhile, the tech giant’s online services generate a billion users a day.

7/10 Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacture (TSMC) – $328.4

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Founded in 1987, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) was one of the first global technology companies to focus exclusively on semiconductor computer chips. Currently, the company’s products are used in electronics, computer communications, automotive equipment and industrial services. With its high-quality expertise, TSMC earns around USD 66 billion annually and is currently valued at USD 328.4 billion.

With about 57,000 employees, TSMC has successfully collaborated with technology companies such as NVIDIA, Intel, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and especially Apple, which uses its semiconductor chips in a number of best-selling products. Between Samsung and TSMC, Taiwan is one of the biggest strengths for the tech industry right now.

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Formerly known as Facebook, Meta Platforms is the largest social network on the planet. Used by billions of people around the world, the tech giant recently pioneered the virtual Metaverse, where AI technology is advancing every day. With $120 billion in annual revenue, Meta Platforms is currently valued at $341.5 billion.

With around 72,000 employees, Meta Platforms derives much of its annual revenue from digital advertising, but acquisitions of Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus VR over the past decade have really catapulted the tech giant into the air. Despite some unpopular practices by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in recent years, Meta Platforms is still leading the way in social media.

5/10 Tesla – $669.1 billion

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Despite Elon Musk being the richest tech CEO on the planet, Tesla is the fifth most valuable tech giant in 2022. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology in Tesla cars and electric vehicles, solar power, and renewable green energy, Tesla rakes in about $54 billion a year and is currently worth 669.1 billion dollars. Musk’s other ventures like SpaceX and Neuralink really set him apart from other visionary tech leaders.

Between his eco-friendly electric vehicle business model and partnerships with Panasonic, Piedmont Lithium and others, Musk’s bold vision to help humanity move away from fossil fuels is what made Tesla such a popular brand in 2022 and beyond. Expect more big things from Musk, Tesla and their various business ventures in the future.

4/10 Amazon – $1.14 trillion

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As the world’s largest digital retailer, it’s no surprise to see Amazon Inc. top most valuable tech companies in 2022 Thanks to its online shopping service, home delivery, Prime Video streaming services and more, Amazon generates $478 billion annually and is currently worth $1.14 trillion. With consumer-friendly events like Amazon Prime Day Early Access, it’s easy to see why the company is so successful.

Although many believe that Amazon is an online retailer and nothing more, the company has recently dabbled in cloud computing, which accounts for a significant portion of its revenue. More recently, CEO Jeff Bezos has been developing anti-aging technology to combat mortality, which is on par with some of Musk’s lofty technological goals for the future of humanity.

3/10 Alphabet Inc. – 1.27 trillion dollars

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Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., has the largest search engine in the world. Between its universal online presence and platforms like YouTube, mobile smartphones like the Google Pixel, and partnerships with the Android operating system, Nest, and a host of automated smart home gadgets, it’s no surprise to learn that Alphabet makes $270 billion a year and is currently valued at 1.27 trillion dollars.

In addition to its association with Google products, Alphabet Inc. it also has ties to Google Ventures and Google Capital, which invests in smaller companies and expands its economic scope. Founded in 1993 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Alphabet has at least 30 sub-companies and has its fingerprints on the tech industry in 2022.

2/10 Microsoft – $1.68 trillion

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Led by Bill Gates, Microsoft is a leading brand in software development and hardware manufacturing that has revolutionized personal computing. Between its near-universal Windows operating system, high-quality software, hardware, cloud computing, and electronic devices like the Surface Tablet, Microsoft makes about $193 billion a year and is currently valued at $1.68 trillion.

Beyond personal computing, Microsoft has branched out over the past two decades to explore artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud storage, digital applications, games, business management tools, and more. Microsoft also offers operating systems for phones, servers, smart devices, home appliances and the like.

1/10 Apple – $2.23 trillion

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Under the astute leadership of CEO Tim Cook, Apple is the most valuable tech company in 2022, and it’s not even close. The tech giant’s size, scale and global reach have led to annual revenue of $386 billion, with the company currently valued at a whopping $2.23 trillion.

Along with the massive popularity of revolutionary consumer electronics like the iPhone, iPod and iPad, Apple’s trusted reputation for consumer privacy has truly set the company apart from the competition and fostered a huge loyal fan base that continues to support its most popular products. . These days, thanks to the Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPhone 14, Mac Pro, AirPods and more, it’s easy to see why Apple rules the tech industry in 2022.

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