EMBRAER – the third largest aircraft manufacturer in the world and a leader in several areas related to the defense, security and IT (information technology) industry – in partnership with “CIn-UFPE” (Information Center of the Federal University of Pernambuco) provides 35 places for the “Second edition of the specialization program in software“.

Applications are open until the end of October. The course, at the postgraduate level, is intended for graduates of “exact sciences in the last five years”.

The success achieved in the first edition led EMBRAER to “repeat the bet” on the winning model, whose main goal is “to improve the knowledge of new experts in the fields software Embedded and Data Science”, with the aim of fulfilling the company’s own requirements regarding “Cluster” (concentration of companies that have similar characteristics) Brazilian aerospace.

At the end of the course, which lasts nine months and is divided into three modules, the student is entitled to a “Postgraduate Diploma Lato sensu from UFPE.”

More information at www.embraer.com

Result “Startup NO”

With the aim of “encouraging and developing the northeastern innovation ecosystem, especially startups based in the region”, SEBRAE created the Program “starting Northeast”, in order to “accelerate” these startup companies.

beginning”Startup NE/PB” (focused on the state of Paraíba), was held last July, “when 200 projects were selected to participate in the first phase of the project. For this initial group, lectures, workshops and mentorships were held on business modeling and assessment of market potential”.

In the second phase, the “108 projects with the best performance obtained, after the training”, were presented to a “jury” during an event at the SEBRAE regional agency in the city of Campina Grande. After he was elected, on 26 startups who will advance to the final stage of the program, with the awarding of scholarships to encourage innovation, “everyone will be able starting receive up to two scholarships, each worth R$ 6,500.00″.

In this way, “entrepreneurs will devote themselves to selling their products and services, looking for investors in the market and building their initial customer base”. The companies that have been classified for this last phase are as follows: Abracadabra; Angel; AtWork solutions and business; AVIN; Bauá Kombucha; bidgram; Club Birificio; Buddly Certech; Coraticum; Doctor Play; E-exchange; In Xepa; Logston; Mindsun; NEORON; Digital personal; Orby Maria; PyroCompany; Paws Network; A refreshed mind; Start & Go system; Sunnova; TocTi; Tradenergy and U-Lar. More information at: http://pb.startupne.com.br.

EMBRAPII funds security-focused technology

not yet “Startup Theme”EMBRAPII – Brazilian Industrial Research and Innovation Company and CPQD – Telecommunications Research and Development Center, finance starting “Alfa Sense” to develop “unprecedented, 100% national security technology”.

Called “Fence Smart”, the Alfa Sense product is aimed at “security and protection of perimeters up to 20 kilometers”. One of the differences in the solution is “the ability to monitor long distances through optical fibers and geolocation, with the detection of attempts to invade the protected perimeter in real time.”

The system also has a software (computer program) with “algorithms that classify the phenomena detected along the protected area, in real time, converting all recorded vibrations into unique signatures like a kind of fingerprint”.

The “Fence Smart” market, according to the company, is intended for vertical or horizontal condominiums, ports, industries, airports, mining areas, photovoltaic or wind farms, bank branches and substations.

The product should go on sale in the first quarter of next year.

New technical standard

ABNT – The Brazilian Technical Standards Association has launched a “New Technical Standard Focused on Cyber ​​Security (Internet Security) and Privacy”. Under the name “Information security, cyber security and privacy protection – Information security controls (standard ISO/IEC 27002)”.

The document, according to ABNT technicians, is “a set of references of generic information security controls, including guidelines for their implementation and use, aimed at guiding companies (regardless of size and activity segment) in protecting your critical and sensitive information.”

The new Standard is mainly intended for companies “that create, collect, process, store, transmit and dispose of information in various ways (electronic, physical and/or verbal)”.

This initiative by ABNT is excellent, it serves as another guidance/protection tool for companies, in an increasingly technological and digitized business environment, prone to attacks by digital criminals (hackers) Daily. It also serves as additional support for the company’s adaptation to the LGPD – the General Data Protection Act.

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