Prove Identity expands global presence and launches digital identity product in Brazil with OZ Corretora de Câmbio

Prove’s solutions, now available in Brazil, simplify identity verification and integration, improving the user experience.

SÃO PAULO 13.10.2022. –

Prove’s solutions, now available in Brazil, simplify identity verification and integration, improving the user experience.

A Prove Identity, Inc. (“Prove”), a leader in digital identity, announced today that it has expanded its global presence to Brazil, launching its product offering with its first customer in the region, OZ Corretora de Câmbio. OZ Corretora de Câmbio brings protection and security to the foreign exchange market and presents innovative financial solutions. Brazil has become a leader in payments innovation and financial inclusion in recent years, and Prove is expanding product availability and sales support for this market.

OZ Corretora de Câmbio will leverage Prove’s Instant Link™, a second-factor authentication service that verifies the ownership and trustworthiness of phones during digital transactions, and Trust Score™ to ensure a user experience in a variety of scenarios, from onboarding digital to digital service and authenticating an existing user . Trust Score is a real-time tool that assesses and measures the reputation of a phone number that can be used for identity verification and authentication and analyzes behavioral and cryptographic authentication signals from authorized sources at the time of a possible transaction to mitigate fraud such as SIM Swap fraud and others account takeover schemes.

“We are excited to bring our product offering to Brazil, which has become a hotbed of innovation in banking and digital payments,” said Paulo Nascimento, head of Latin America at Prove. “Our solutions help prevent sophisticated and common forms of fraud, including SIM SWAP fraud, account credential theft and synthetic identity fraud, while improving user experience and enabling easy user onboarding. Businesses in the region can now take advantage of these powerful new tools to secure high-risk events and protect consumers from digital threats.”

Prove’s Identity Verify™ verifies the personal identity information a user provides at onboarding and verifies phone number ownership and identity authentication during password resets, document access, and money orders. The tool eliminates fraudsters, prevents fake accounts and reduces customer friction throughout the customer lifecycle.

“Security is built into the principles of our business model, and it is undeniable and fundamental that we use the most innovative solutions on the market,” says Rodrigo Xavier Soares, CEO of OZ Corretora de Câmbio. “OZ Corretora de Câmbio has been operating as a fully regulated and supervised institution by the Central Bank of Brazil in the foreign exchange market for more than 20 years and, with Prove, we will continue to use innovative technological solutions to meet the needs of our clients and partners, with an even easier integration experience, improved user security and, most importantly, fraud protection.”

Xavier goes further and emphasizes the importance of having a partner like Prove on the current path and for the future of the business: “with the security provided by Prove, we launched the first complete Forex as a Service (FxaaS) in Brazil, meeting the needs of any type of customer, whether natural or legal persons, for different types of foreign exchange transactions. We are democratizing exchange services in a simple, headache-free way for any business, which can be another product on the shelves of companies, whether Brazilian or foreign.”

Prove’s solutions are used by more than 1,000 companies worldwide in a variety of industries, including 8 of the top 10 banks, 3 of the top 5 retailers, 2 of the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges, 2 of the top 3 healthcare companies, and 6 of the top 10 insurers in the US -in.

About Prove Identity, Inc. (“Prove”)

As the world moves towards a mobile-first economy, companies must modernize the way they acquire, communicate and empower consumers. Prove’s phone-centric identity tokenization and passive cryptographic authentication solutions reduce friction, improve security and privacy across all digital channels, and accelerate revenue while reducing operational costs and fraud losses. More than 1,000 business customers use the Prove platform to process 20 billion customer requests per year across all industries, including banking, lending, healthcare, gaming, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, marketplaces and payments. For the latest updates on Prove, follow us on LinkedIn.

About OZ Exchange Broker

Transparency. Technology. Protection. Security. These are the core values ​​for OZ Corretora de Câmbio. As an institution fully regulated and supervised by the Central Bank of Brazil and holder of the Seal of Conformity of ABRACAM – the Brazilian Association for Exchange Policy and Prevention of Money Laundering, OZ has become one of the top 5 players in the Brazilian exchange market in recent years. . We use the most innovative payment and money transfer technologies to fuel the dreams and ideas of more than 150,000 clients worldwide. Consult us on LinkedIn.


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