How to start a digital product from scratch?

The market for digital products has been strengthened by the need and willingness of people to learn on their own from anywhere, using mobile devices, computers and other platforms.

Per Gabriel RockenbachGreen’s CMO

A launch, whether it’s a product, service or experience, needs to have certain guidelines to increase the chances of success. In times of so much competition and visible topics, such as technology and marketing, a defined strategy is essential for success.

The market for digital products has been strengthened by the need and willingness of people to learn on their own from anywhere, using mobile devices, computers and other platforms. In the first half of 2020 alone, the sector saw a 200% increase in demand, according to Sebrae.

With the increase in the number of people interested in consuming digital content, new infoproducers have gained notoriety on the national scene. However, it is important to say that there is still room for more people to start a career in the sector.

Check out the tips and answers below for solidifying the success of your digital product:

  • Is it possible to start from scratch?

Before thinking about launching a digital product, it is necessary to create your own audience, based on social networks or contacts via Whatsapp and other communities, form a base of interested parties and, based on this, decide which platform will sell the info product.

In Greenn, for example, the creation, registration and hosting of the course are free and only after the first consolidated sale is a small fee charged for using the platform.

It is essential to understand the desired format for the production of digital products. Today, there are two main segments within the info product market, people who have the knowledge and ability to share information, and individuals who transform knowledge into a tangible product, which can be sold in a scalable way on the Internet.

Therefore, understanding the desired format is a vital part of success, as a way to define strategies for social networks and digital product platforms.

  • Platforms and strategies

Defining platforms and strategies is another key point for the digital product’s relationship with its target audience. Before any movement, it is necessary to create an offer to enter the market, one of the most used and imposed strategies currently in this edition is the creation of ads on Meta (Facebook), directing interested parties to Whatsapp groups, offering project experimentation for later publication of the complete plan on infoproducts platform. This option is just one of many conceptions of possible strategies for launching a digital product.

  • Essential points for creating and launching digital products

From product validation, i.e. achieved sales and people’s interest in buying the product, info producers can start the production of live lectures, from meetings or recordings of content and thus finally create a digital product, which is essentially like writing a book, defining topics and a set of information relevant to each module created by infoproducer.

  • Basic pillars for project continuity

There are three fundamental pillars for the success and continuity of a digital product, namely: traffic, offer and product. Basically, traffic is a tool that attracts people interested in an offer to buy a product. Many factors are used for this, social networks such as Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook, e-mail marketing, WhatsApp, Telegram, blogs and partnerships with other manufacturers.

It’s important to have a page builder to host your digital product information, and the product needs a sales structure platform like Greenn, which offers several features for infoproducers, along with personalized support.

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